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    2016 W205 Apple carplay

    Hi, I'd like to try and add Apple carplay to my car and was hoping someone could help. My car is a 2016 16 plate Mercedes W205 premium plus, according to the data card it has option 531 Command APS NTG5/NTG5.5, (from my understanding the NTG5 and the NTG5.5 are two similar, but different...
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    2016 w205 DAB RADIO ISSUE

    Thank you for your help gentlemen.
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    2016 w205 DAB RADIO ISSUE

    Hi, I've recently bought a 2016 c250d, my question is, according to the options list the car should have DAB radio. I can not for the life in me get the DAB radio to work. The display shows FM/DAB but I can't get DAB radio stations. I was wondering if some one may have removed the DAB module but...
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    No pressure in cooling

    Hi, it's a w211 E280 CDI with the V6 OM 642 engine.
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    No pressure in cooling

    Hi and thanks for the replies, the thermostat is the same rating as the old one, I will try the bleeding process as described. The radiator cap is what I will try after I've rechecked there are no air locks. It"s not over heating or boiling over.
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    No pressure in cooling

    Hi, I changed the thermostat on my car yesterday and renewed the coolant, I ran the car up to temprature initially the guage stayed at 80 degrees. I then took the car it for a drive and the guage showed mid way between 80 and 100 degrees, the heater is blowing hot air but what puzzles me is when...
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    Sl55 amg turbine alloys question

    Hi, I'm looking for some help for a friend of mine, he has just bought an SL55 AMG 2004, he's bought it with some 18"AMG alloys on which are genuine but they are not the turbine alloys, he wants to put turbine's on but he's not sure if the turbine alloys were 18" as standard or 19", hope some of...
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    2007 W211 parking brake question

    Hi, can anyone please tell me if access to the parking brake cable" junction" (for want of a better description) on my car is under the rear seat or would I have to access it from under the car. Thanks in advance.
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    S211 Number Plate Lightbulbs

    Hi, I recently had the same fault with my car (W211 SALOON) I bought from ebay a pair of 38mm Osram festoon bulbs. On previous cars when a bulb went I would buy from the local motor factors and found they didn't last and since I have always bought a branded bulbs. hope this helps.
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    difficult to start

    Thanks Kenny, just run a diagnostics using Delphi, it came back with " Glow output stage: At least one of the glow plug is not actuated." so it looks like the relay.
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    difficult to start

    Hi, I recently had one glow plug failure on my 2007 E280 cdi but decided to change all of them(6), I ordered the replacements from Mercedes. All has been well until a couple of weeks ago, it now will not start in the morning without having to turn over a few times after the glow plug light has...
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    Engine coolant capacity

    Hi, I'm going to do a coolant change on my car ( 2007 W 211 E280 cdi ) can someone please let me know what the cooling system capacity is. Thanks in advance
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    Sir Terry Wogan RIP

    A sad day, can't remember the amount of times I've had to stop driving with laughing so much (especially when he did the "Janet and John" stories) whilst listening to his show. A real professional, missed his morning show very much just isn't the same drive to work now. RIP Sir Terry
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    Power steering fluid leak w211 e280

    If you've only had to top up the fluid once since the repair was done it could be that system wasn't purged of air correctly, also if you can't any visible leaks then the seals on the rack could be leaking fluid into the dust covers on the rack. Hope this helps.
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    Informing the engine that air filters have been changed.

    I have done the air filters several times since I've owned my car, the filters never seem to last the quoted service interval and tend to get heavily clogged at the lower end of the filter as I guess it's where the air gets drawn in. I have reset the ECU using a friends STAR each time the...
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    Charles Kennedy RIP

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    Audi carnage in Milton Keynes

    Thankfully no one was injured.
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    To all S Class Owners - Do you sometimes feel its "too Much"

    It's difficult when you have to work with people that think you're getting paid too much.
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    C63 AMG Finance

    Hi, you mention you have a letter of " no further interest" from Mercedes finance, if this is the case then Mercedes can only go after the person who originally took out the finance, you have the letter from them confirming they have no further interest in the car and based on this confirmation...
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    E280 high fuel comsuption

    Hi JD E280, I see this is an old thread but did you ever get to the bottom of this issue ? as I have also replaced the actuator on my car from the same company and the fuel economy as dropped drastically.
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