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    Mercedes current and previous. Which do you prefer?

    I could have written this post myself. I too didn't renew my 5 series because the new model is so much like the last one - inside and out. I think the W213 is much cleaner and more sophisticated than the last E Class - particularly from the side as the old one has got a slightly jarring...
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    W213 COMAND online map update stuck on 66%

    Unfortunately, it isn't possible to upload material to the car's HDD. This was easy when I had my 5 series - you could also transfer audio CDs to the HDD. I bought an SSD (solid state drive) 120GB, £70 from Amazon (Transcend). I've put my whole iTunes library and a bunch of films on that and...
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    2017 e220d Lock Car With Engine Running

    Please don't judge me but if my car is very frosted I like to lock it with the engine running while I eat my cereal. (I have another car in my garage). This means visibility is perfect as I drive off. My last car was a 5 series and I could simply hop in, start the car then get out and lock...
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    W213 E220d purchase musings

    Enjoy! Mine is a very similar spec to yours and is coming on Friday morning...after the apparently obligatory MB delay from early December. Cavansite Blue over nut brown and black ash Premium Plus Surround camera 18" wheels 12.3" cockpit widescreen Comand Air suspension
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    New Car - W213

    Hi, is the car black? Also, is that the nut brown interior? Finally, are those the 18" wheels? Sorry for all the questions!
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    Which media interface cable...

    Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, that listing has ended but I'm sure I'll find another...
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    Which media interface cable...

    I have a 2010 SL230 with 2.5 Comand, which has the media interface in the central compartment. I did a search at Mercedes-Benz Bluetooth Connectivity, which indicated the cable I need for my iPhone 4 is A0018278404. However, when I search for the cable, everything in the UK seems to be...
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    Hello mbclub

    This is my introductory post to the forum. I bought a 2010 SL350 two weeks ago and I've been lurking for a while before registering. I'm looking forward to making a (hopefully) positive contribution to the forum over time...
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