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    adjustment of sale price?

    Hi all, I want to sell my car (See signature) for no other reason than to buy a smaller cheaper car (maybe an A class). I've had it valued at £1480 for a private sale off the parkers estimation guide, now does this imply it's top notch or average? It's tax runs out in aug, mot ok till next...
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    W203 engine light - annoying the heck out of me!

    I have c200k, and I had a maf code on mine, took it to mb-tech in Warrington and the diagnosed oil in the loom due to a leaking cam magnet, first thing I'd check is that, take the grey/white cover off the top of the front of the engine, and pull off the connector, if it has oil on it that could...
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    front lower arm removal?

    whoa, now this became a nasty job, broke a ball joint seperator, had to buy a new one, shredded a torx bit due to the nuts being so tight, had to saw off the inside of a drop link as the nut was impossible to open, everything was sooooo insanely tight, developed muscles i never knew i had...
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    C200k charge silencer removal

    hi all, out of curiosity, what happens if you remove the silencer for the supercharger ? Would it just sound louder and bader? (sorry just noticed its in the wrong thread, too early in the AM, mods please move to engine thread and please accept my apologies, Thanks!)
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    Brake line replacement

    it will probably last, lots of cars will get brake pipe corrosion on advisory, its just surface rust, I know u may not want to chance it for safety reasons, take a look underneath and see if it will sand down (gently), and then paint over it.
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    best way to lift the whole of the front of a car?

    maybe there's two, what is that thing I found then? one at the back or the engine would be very hard to get at with a hydraulic jack. so which one?
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    best way to lift the whole of the front of a car?

    cool, I was quite surprised how close it is to the front, makes access with a hydraulic jack quite easy.
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    best way to lift the whole of the front of a car?

    is it just at the front of the engine, a little rectangle with a circle hole I'm it, it seems separate to the guard cover? it seems more solid.
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    Upper Lower ball Joints

    I lower front is aluminium.
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    Upper Lower ball Joints

    if u go to an ecp branch, ask for the stuff, get ur price then shake ur head in disbelief, they can and usually offer u a discount, I had nearly 50% off mine, I actually ordered them online via click and collect, i went to collect them and this young kid with no customer service mojo said oh...
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    How can i check

    is there any easy way to bleed the system, it might be full of air, but it could be the spheres are kerput, I.e it's just full of fluid and not nitrogen.
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    Parking Brake

    rule 123 highway code, enough to get u prosecuted should something untoward happen whilst parked and not applied, the cops like to fall back onto the highway code if no clear law is broken, they then twist the breaking of the highway code to some other law for prosecution.
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    Parking Brake

    I use mine too, maybe a bit ocd is that I try to lock the parking brake before the box has the chance to roll down and catch on the pin.
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    Intrigued by an orange triangle in door mirror - CLS class

    can the above features be turned off temporarily?
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    Bottom arm 270

    with all due respect, your lack of punctuation, grammar and spelling makes your question hard to understand, maybe you could edit your post for clarification, it would attract more replies.
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    best way to lift the whole of the front of a car?

    ah ok, i'll hunt for it tomorrow, thanks
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    front lower arm removal?

    FFS: I need the front lower rear arms too (cross?), the osf drivers one has slipped forwards because the rubber has split on the inside, it looks awful!
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    best way to lift the whole of the front of a car?

    Hi all, Whats the best way to lift the front of a car completely off the ground so one can work on both sides of the front without having to swap. Could be handy to steer the wheels in the middle of a job, or check joints without the weight of the car on it. Etc. I think lifting one side...
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    w203 Engine hunting?

    I have this too, I have the hunting when cold and also the hiss, any guides or is it straight forward?
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    rear pads replacement question

    i ask because i hear some grinding or something when I come to a stop, I was worried since I installed new dampers too, had to check them, they're ok. can't really say where it comes from. I have a feeling the shoes are kerput!
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