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    Oil Leak E350 CDi 2012

    Hi, My E350 CDi seems to have sprung an oil leak. I'm pretty certain its engine oil as the dipstick oil level has dropped. Oil seems to be coming from the front of the car and by the front wheels. Quite a lot of oil. It's going in tomorrow for a once over. From reading various other posts and...
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    A Merc Threesome!

    Hi, Great stable of cars you have there. All look in fabulous condition. Have to agree with you on the 3 litre Diesel engine as well. Superb. Out of interest where did you source the number plate surround for your CLS? Thanks Colin
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    What MPG are people getting?

    Hiya, 39.8 MPG according to the dash (probably slightly less real world), over the course of just over 46,000 miles in my E350 cdi in the last 15 months, nearly all Motorway and A Roads. I do like the torque!
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    Engine bay cleaning

    Hiya, I've always used Autoglym Engine and Machine Cleaner......spray on, leave for a minunte or so, wipe with an old microfibre, agitate tough areas with a brush (or toothbrush for nooks and crannies) and then lightly hose off followed by immediately spraying on Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber...
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    Tyre finishes

    Hi, Another one worth a look is the Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel. If applied sparingly it looks good and lasts a reasonable amount of time. I've used it for quite a while and always been pleased with the finish.
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    MB Darlington

    Hiya, Cleveland Industrial Estate, Forge Way I think the road was called.....just north of the Town Centre. I'll definitely be going back next time service due.
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    MB Darlington

    Hi all, For those of you based in the Northeast of England I thought I'd share with you my recent positive experience of getting my car serviced at MB Darlington (Independent Mercedes servicing). I got a quote of close to £650 from a Main Dealer for an A3 service on my E350 CDi including...
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    New E350 owner

    Great choice, I absolutely love driving mine.....brilliant long distance cruiser and bags of torque. Colin
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    Newbie from Scotland

    Ok Jake, I'll keep an eye out for you. Colin
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    SONAX SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer

    I've used both on my Silver E Class although not together at the same time....I don't think it will do any harm though. Beading and longevity definitely better with Sonax in my view so probably no need for the Aquawax as well. Colin
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    Collecting car tomorrow

    Great looking car and a good time of year to get a convertible. I've had a Saab Convertible for 4 years now and look for every opportunity to get out in it with roof down. Enjoy
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    Newbie from Scotland

    Hiya mate, Welcome to the forum, I'm just up the coast from you in Carnoustie. Good to see someone else local. Colin
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    SONAX SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer

    Yes, This stuff is good to top up protection in between polishing / waxing. My dad swears by the stuff. I also find Autoglym Aquawax and Finishkare #425 are good to.
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    pela oil extractors

    Hi, Just did mine today with my Sealey 6.5 ltr pump. I'm a total clot when it comes to anything mechanical or DIY but managed this no problem at all with oil filter change as well. I ran my engine up to temp on a quick drive, left it for about 10 mins and then sucked out over 8.75 Ltrs in...
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    What polish after clay cloth. First time detailing

    Hi, There's loads of decent polishes out there you can try and i'm sure there will be someone along who knows more than me about it. What worked for me was firstly using Autoglym Paint Cleanser after clay bar / mitt to give a really clean surface to polish onto. Then used good old Autoglym...
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    Best place and safest for E350 remap in NE area

    Thanks for reply, Thats a decent improvement from standard on both figures. Interesting that the original numbers were virtually bang on the manufacturer claims as well. Decision time I think. Thanks
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    Best place and safest for E350 remap in NE area

    Hi, be interested to get your views on your car before and after remap.... Performance, MPG etc.....any issues? Can I be cheeky and ask roughly what price as well? Thinking about getting my E Class done. Work colleague of mine had his BMW 1 series done at BFT and very complementary. Thanks
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    Best place and safest for E350 remap in NE area

    Hiya, Not used them myself but Gad Tuning have someone based in Newcastle.....I believe they cover as far south as Leeds so Teeside well within range. Out of interest whereabouts in Teeside are you based?
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    Formula 1...2016

    Just finished watching the qualifying. Didn't think much of the new format with the 90 second thing! Listening to Martin Brundle on Sky, he was less than impressed. Self destruct button again for F1. Mercedes looking totally dominant again. The looks on the Ferrari faces when Hamilton went...
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    Engine Cover Removal W212 E350 CDi

    That's great, many thanks for reply, Will give that a try tomorrow and see how it goes. Colin
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