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    Age of MB Drivers.....

    52 with a 2014 W212 E63 S I've had for five months now. Loving it! Previously had BMW 335i Subaru STi
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    Auto Dim Nearside Mirror?

    Thanks for your reply's peeps. Strange that it dims in previous cars I've had and not this one. Ta Muchly ;):bannana:
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    Auto Dim Nearside Mirror?

    So it's faulty then?
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    Auto Dim Nearside Mirror?

    E63 W212 2014 I noticed last night that my rear view and offside/right wing mirrors were both dimmed nicely when some twit came up behind me with very bright lights, but the nearside/left wing mirror didn't dim? I would of thought both wing mirrors would be auto dimming, or is that my mistake...
  5. E63 S13

    E63 S13

  6. E63 S1

    E63 S1

  7. E63 S2

    E63 S2

  8. E63 S7

    E63 S7

  9. My E63 S

    My E63 S

    My E63 S
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    C63 AMG - Squeeky Brakes

    I get the same on mine. I get it up to speed and apply the brakes pretty hard. Seems to go away for a while. Only comes back whilst pootling around town.
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    Mercedes Me

    Thanks XRS. I have a fairly new motor, so the traffic info is pretty good..little red and yellow cars on the command ;-)
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    Mercedes Me

    Can this be retro fitted to say a 2014 E class? £150 for a gadget sounds good to me. Saves you checking the dipstick under the bonnet too ;-) Cheers Chris
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    SL65 AMG Alloys on SL500

    Blimey, that's the exact car I test drove a couple of weeks ago at Romans. Then test drove a CLS63 they also had, before buying my current car. Yes they are split rims, and are worth a small fortune. But they do look the biz!
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    Brabus Exhaust - WoW

    Skip that then :eek:
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    Brabus Exhaust - WoW

    That loud eh? TBH I can't warrant spending over £8k on an exhaust - that's just bordering on the ridiculous!
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    Brabus Exhaust - WoW

    I asked Brabus to give me a quote for a full system. I was gobsmacked at the price! Anyone else had this fitted? <<I have listed a breakdown of prices below. I must mention that in order to fit the Brabus valve controlled exhaust, the carbon rear diffuser must also be fitted to accommodate...
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    How much is a..... Does this fit....... - Ask Your Questions In Here

    Hi ECP, Can you quote me for a cargo net for the boot of my E63 please? 6 fixing points, 3 down each side. Not sure what the part number is. Thanks Chris
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    Half a million quid for a G Wagen

    Two 17.8-inch screens in the front headrests? Sounds a bit on the large side, even for a vehicle of that size
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for dreaming about such a dodgmo car
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for even mentioning such a horrid car
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