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    W205 2016MY C220d Brake Judder

    Car booked in for 3 weeks on 24th March so that the dealer can undertake further tests to isolate the cause. It's ridiculous.
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    W205 2016MY C220d Brake Judder

    I have a 2016 C300h. I had this issues first at 3,500 miles. Mercedes replaced the rear disks under warranty. Happened again at 16,000 miles. Mercedes replaced front disks under warranty. Happened again at 24,000 miles. Mercedes have sent a case to head office, but they were acting like this...
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    W205 C300h Tyre Wear Issues

    Just had my rears replaced for the first time on my C300h. 23,000 miles and Michelins were the originals.
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    C300h owners club

    The discs had "warped". So have had new discs and pads under warranty all round. Adblue was a faulty sensor, replaced under warranty again.
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    C300h owners club

    Another one here. Sport Premium. Just ticked over 22,000 miles (still on original set of rear tyres!). Problems I've had so far: Faulty rear brakes (3,000 miles) Faulty front brakes (11,000 miles) Adblue malfunction (12,000 miles) Other than that, it's been a most excellent car.
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    Best sound settings on Audio 20 system (S205)

    Hi, I've had my C300h for over 6 months and I still can't find the ideal settings for the treble, mid and bass - does anybody have any suggestions? I always slide the fader toward the front seats, but struggling with the main settings. I should have got the premium plus pack, I know, I know...
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    C350 re map worth it??

    How many clutches and DMF's did you get through on the Civic though? I managed to munch through a set at only 45k miles - I didn't even have mine mapped. Awesome car/engine though.
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    2015 E300 hybrid - unreliable ?

    Is that the Adblue sensor? I had that go on my C300h after only 10,000 miles.
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    Nick Grimshaw has rolled his G

    Bet he was on a mobile phone.
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    Coming back to MB from VAG

    Previous generation Passat estate on a 12 plate. Whilst smaller, he S205 is in another class (excuse pun)
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    C350e owners club

    The brakes on the C300h at exactly the same. In Sport/Sport+ mode they are fine.
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    Coming back to MB from VAG

    Just a word of warning. I came from a VW Passat and went into a S205 C Class - which is a lovely vehicle. I have a brake issue, so it's currently in a Mercedes garage awaiting a warranty repair with 6,000 miles on the clock (not a great start) and I've been given a 2015 E class estate as a...
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    Driving to France

    Just come back from Royan for 2 weeks myself. Those French roads are just a joy to drive on. 700kms flew by and not tiring at all.
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    C Class LED Headlights - European Travel

    I did look at my Mercedes app with the manual included, but it is fairly cumbersome and wasn't very definitive. But thanks for the suggestion to consult the manual.
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    C Class LED Headlights - European Travel

    Hi all, I'm going over to France for a couple of weeks on Friday. Usually I would buy a set of headlight deflectors to use on halogen bulbs. Are LEDs any different? I know some xenon sets you can adjust for continental travel - is there such a feature on the most recent C class? Thanks...
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    Lead time for new C class , 5 months!!!!

    Just for the record. Mine was ordered on 29th February and I took delivery on 23rd May. Reasonably quick, I thought?
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    New Top Gear

    It wasn't too bad. Unfortunately, I'm never going to like Chris Evans and again last night, he was like a 4 year old with ADHD and let out with a bag of smarties. Matt LeBlanc was the big surprise for me. Granted, I thought he was funny in Friends - but I did feel he might've been a one trick...
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    French on strike again

    Hope this blows over by the time I go to the France in early July. My C300h only has a 50 litre tank for diesel.
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    Garmin Map Pilot FYI.

    I took delivery of my brand new c class estate on Monday. According to the settings, my Garmin map pilot uses TomTom live traffic for its traffic updates. Is this new?
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    Best C Class sound settings - standard stereo

    Hi all. Taking delivery of brand new S205 C300h premium on Monday. Really excited. I didn't bother going for premium plus as the extra £1500 on list didn't seem worth it. Reading subsequently across the Internet it seems the standard head unit/speakers aren't anything special - which...
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