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    Pros and cons of your AMG

    Cons what is that? :P
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    Advice for travel to Affalterbach

    Have a fun trip, please share some pics/vids on the autobahn. Am keen to make this trip too so that the car can stretch its legs properly
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    paint bubbling

    Hello, Sorry didn’t manage to get this sorted at all.
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    Will 285 35 fit my s212 e63?

    i am running 295s on oem no problem plenty of folk on mbworld too.
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    Will 285 35 fit my s212 e63?

    295’s hook better
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    C63 Owners - What will you have next?

    c63 to cls63, no looking back, S63 next
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    Will 285 35 fit my s212 e63?

    I run 295’s on the rear of the cls63. they used to be 275 on oem tires.
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    C63 507 Coupe - For Sale (Forum offer before PH / AutoTrader)

    glws, ouch at £41k but great to see these are holding value
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    Nerdy engine efficiency thread – N/A versus Turbocharged

    c63 na i got 11mpg town driving, cls63 5.5 lump i get 18mpg, c63 i got 23mpg long distance cls63 i got 28mpg. i find the turbo amg better for mpg consumption
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    finally took the trip to MSL

    it was 528whp with decat. so around 623bhp. i have a baseline dyno that shows 557 standard. so decat is about 70bhp more. the ones after are with kn filter and map. the results are in whp, so times 1.18 - bhp results are around 743bhp and over 1000nm of torque.
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    finally took the trip to MSL

    After years of hearing about MSL on here and social media, finally took the plunge and booked cls to MSL and Torqueflow for decat, map and filters. It’s a 16 hour roundtrip from Aberdeen to Birmingham. Both Immy and Acid are a real nice bunch of guys! Happy with the work they have done and the...
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    ‘13 CLS PP purchase

    get a lsd, i came from c63 without lsd to cls and it is night and day. Other than that the spec you have sounds good.
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    Streaming Spotify via Bluetooth 2015 W218 CLS63 AMG S

    Connect to your phone using bluetooth, then play spotify on the phone? you can toggle left and right between songs once you in a playlist using the silver knob near the gear selector.
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    Backbox delete yes or no?

    That’s interesting as like you say, its not supposed to have any adverse impact if its turbocharged. It plays a part in N/A as they need to scavenge a certain amount from what I’ve read and something to do with the exhaust gas pulses but for turbocharged it isnt suppose to? am going to stick...
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    CLS63 turbo downpipes and remap with MSL

    Aaaaahhh! another 1,000bhp coming to the fold Cyclone’s build is mega! Been following it on here. Am sure yours will be equally as epic! Now to fast forward to October
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    Backbox delete yes or no?

    Has anyone had their backboxes removed/deleted? Apart from noise increase and weight saving is it good for turbo cars? Has anyone with a E63 or CLS done this before?
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    CLS63 turbo downpipes and remap with MSL

    What did you go for the turbo downpipes? did you get weistec to replace the collector/manifold? I think I’ll only opt for the cat delete first but retain the oem collector/manifold like you first and see how I get on. Do you think its worth the bang for buck for the turbo downpipes? Do you...
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    CLS63 turbo downpipes and remap with MSL

    Antonio Gonzalez on Instagram: “#aberdeen#amg#cls63#biturbo#v8#mercedes#benz#w218#m157#cars#carsofinstagram#turbo#amg#cls63#biturbo#v8#mercedes#benz#w218#m157#cars#amg63#amgmuscle#amggang#amgnation#black#coupe#benzo#cls#cls63amg#beast#exhaust#noise#purenoise#resonatordelete…”
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    CLS63 turbo downpipes and remap with MSL

    Sounds better than Standard for sure, cls is very insulated. I have some vids on social media but don’t know how to post on here via mobile
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    CLS63 turbo downpipes and remap with MSL

    I wanted to enjoy the car standard first or as close to it, that’s a year I would have had it by October and wanted a summer with the car as standard. Plus it is a 8hour drive to MSL from Aberdeen. But yes it is a long wait, tuning up here is very limited.
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