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  1. hamantjakhu

    S205 Front Grille Replacement

    Hiya, I changed the front grill on my w205 and I'm afraid to say the front bumper had to come off! End result was worth it but not as straight forward as it first appeared. Hope that helps Regards H
  2. hamantjakhu

    C63 fuse box help !

    Hi nav8, I powered a two channel blackvue to my w205 not long back using a power magic pro hard wired to the fuse box in the boot, works perfectly no issues. I did a step by step write up so if you check my posts you should be able to find it and hopefully it will help you. Regards Hamant
  3. hamantjakhu

    New W205 owner

    Hi mate, welcome to the forum I picked up my new c250d premium plus a few months back and I still love it, so I think your in for a treat. As for hard wiring a dash cam I done a write up on this a few weeks back with a blackvue dash cam and a power magic pro, if you check my previous posts you...
  4. hamantjakhu

    New car delivered

    Lovely car, hope you enjoy it!
  5. hamantjakhu

    Lets see your dogs

    This was Titan at 8 weeks old, amazing how big they get soo quick..
  6. hamantjakhu

    Lets see your dogs

    Here's my boy Titan, on guard ensuring the Mrs don't come in and disturb us whilst the Footy's on! Titans a Rottweiler put it this way postmen, couriers and takeaway drivers think twice before putting a foot on the drive!
  7. hamantjakhu

    Mercedes Connect Me

    Ditto, works fine on IOS10 no issues there!
  8. hamantjakhu

    Mercedes Connect Me

    Hi guys, Just to give you my experience with access to Mercedes Me. I downloaded the app and registered through the link which took you to the website. After registering I was told I had limited functionality, remote locking, tracking etc was unavailable as Mercedes Benz needed verification...
  9. hamantjakhu

    The Grand Tour - will you be watching?

    I watched it last night and I loved it! Pretty much the same format as top gear but the chemistry between Clarkson, May and Hammond is what makes it. I haven't got an Amazon prime account but I found an amazing site which streams the episodes. Regards H
  10. hamantjakhu

    new C250 Final order details

    I have a new c250d on 19's and I can honestly say I haven't felt the ride to be harsh in anyway, and in my opinion the car sits slightly better on 19's given it a more appeasing look to the eye. If it meant getting the car three months earlier it would be a no brainier for me! Regards H
  11. hamantjakhu

    My new C300h

    Hi welcome to the forum, ash59 on this forum gave me the following link to put my pics up, worked a treat for me... Regards H
  12. hamantjakhu

    New C Class - Finally Delivered!!

    Cheers Neil much appreciated
  13. hamantjakhu

    New C Class - Finally Delivered!!

    Cheers mate! Bet you can't wait for your car to come, march will be here before you know it! Hopefully my walk through will assist when you eventually get round to installing your dash cam, i don't even notice mine when I'm driving as it's quite discreet so I'm happy with it. Regards H
  14. hamantjakhu

    W205 BlackVue PowerMagic Pro Hardwire Install

    That's a great little link, I would've benefited from reading that before I installed mine. Thanks for the heads up!
  15. hamantjakhu

    I'm absolutely devastated, both our cars smashed up.

    For all the brilliant things on the forum there's also the saddening stories. I'm sorry to hear this and I hope that you and your family are ok. Your safety is paramount so just do whatever you can to make your home into a fortress and fingers crossed this is the end of it. Feel for you mate.
  16. hamantjakhu

    New C Class - Finally Delivered!!

    Hi bob, just posted the walkthrough hope it helps, I think I covered everything! Regards H
  17. hamantjakhu

    W205 BlackVue PowerMagic Pro Hardwire Install

    How to: Hardwire Install for a BlackVue 2 channel (front & rear dash cam) with Power Magic Pro in a Mercedes C Class W205 Time taken: 1 hour being conservative, maximum will be 2 hours Tools required: BlackVue dash-cam kit Power Magic Pro Kit Trim removal tool (one comes with the BlackVue...
  18. hamantjakhu

    Hello - new member

    Welcome lovely car Chris, that's a great color, stands out a mile!
  19. hamantjakhu

    New C Class - Finally Delivered!!

    Hiya, I think I can shed some light onto these queries for you. Firstly the diamond grill as far as I'm aware is not available as an option on the c class saloon it is however available on the new c class coupe. I was able to get the diamond grill fitted to my car as an aftermarket part so I...
  20. hamantjakhu

    New C Class - Finally Delivered!!

    Hiya, Planning on doing it tomorrow. I've taken the photos to help with the guide just need to do the write up. Hopefully I'll make it clear as mud to understand lol Regards H
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