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  1. gadget1960

    What car did you pass your driving test in?

    Took my lessons in a Datsun 120Y, moved to Cornwall then took my test and passed in a Mk2 Ford Escort 1600 sport.:cool:
  2. gadget1960

    Don't you just hate it when ....

    Don't you just hate it when people say they are going to do something and then not only do they not do it but they also totally ignore you , they don't reply to numerous e'mails / pm's etc: and it's like they are pretending that a conversation never even took place! Yes .... that's you 'Danie...
  3. gadget1960

    W210 e240 Elegance (51)

    w210 danie_l2003 pm sent. :thumb:
  4. gadget1960

    W210 e240 Elegance (51)

    Price is now reduced to £1,400
  5. gadget1960

    W210 e240 Elegance (51)

    For sale is my W210 e240 (2.6 v6) elegance, 96,000 mls, service history, mint interior with fantastic heated / electric black leather, 12 months mot with no advisories :thumb:. Still has all the original sales/service books, 2 keys, Not the usual rusty wreck, underside is very clean, very good...
  6. gadget1960

    Ever found anything interesting in a used car you have bought?

    I found my talent for driving really really fast in my mk1 3.0 capri, there wasn't very much of it !:D
  7. gadget1960

    Mercedes 190 cosworth

    In a nutshell ... kind of what I was trying to say really, always liked them but not quite enough to bite the bullet at the time, would love to own one now though especially an evo 2:cool:
  8. gadget1960

    Mercedes 190 cosworth

    Yes they did but to be fare .. all three cars were knackered in various ways so it was never going to be an accurate test, but yes the MB did seem to lose out in most areas. (having said that.. it did have James May at the wheel!)
  9. gadget1960

    Mercedes 190 cosworth

    Yes I have driven one and I was very impressed with the overall package but I just didn't want one enough to buy one. I ended up buying a sapphire cosworth and never regretted the decision over the 190 or the m3. I didn't say the 190 was inferior in any way, I always liked it but it was always...
  10. gadget1960

    Mercedes 190 cosworth

    Always liked the MB cosworth but never enough to buy one, that seems to be a very tidy example for the mileage, not sure about the colour and definitely wouldn't pay that for it. :fail In my humble opinion the MB cosworth was always over shadowed by the M3 and sapphire cosworth so the asking...
  11. gadget1960

    Breitling worth 10x price of 'normal watch'?

    I am lucky enough to own a very nice Breitling chronomat, a gift from my wife on my 40th, However ... I'm terrified to ever wear it through fear of knocking it about ! :dk: It is no more reliable / accurate than my every day citizen but it is nice to own something a little special , a bit like...
  12. gadget1960

    Replica 8.5 x 18 35mm offset mercedes alloys

    Doh! Based in Aylesham, Kent. (thanks) :thumb:
  13. gadget1960

    Replica 8.5 x 18 35mm offset mercedes alloys

    Hi all, I have these wheels for sale, run straight and true, no buckles, no damage, very light curbing, require a full refurb to make a nice set of wheels, I have part polished / flatted one wheel to give you an idea of how they look cleaned up by hand. They are 8.5 x 18 with a 35mm offset...
  14. gadget1960

    W210 specific wheel fitment

    Hi all, hoping to get some info on wheel fitment, I have scanned the 'fitment guide' on this forum and to be honest ... just a little confused! I have a 2001 w210 e class 240 elegance and have a set of replica AMG V1 alloys 8.5 x 18 35mm offset which I was going to refurb, I had them trial...
  15. gadget1960

    Fastest car you have been in ??

    I was lucky enough to be the passenger I an R34 skyline GTR veilside combat 2, 1,256 hp! at Silverstone race circuit. I thought my tuned GSXR 1,000 was quick but that car was from another world. Very fast, very noisy, very thirsty, very expensive, and very not mine :(
  16. gadget1960

    Advice / recommendation for smd side lights

    Thanks for the reply but I have the bayonet type with pins set at 150 degrees. There are plenty to choose from on the 'bay' but would have been good to have a recommendation from anyone on here that has bought a particular make and rated their performance over standard. I guess i'll just buy...
  17. gadget1960

    What's the best thing about your Merc?

    As old and dated as it is ... it still has 'presence'. I have no intention of changing it and love everything about it. (apart from the 'yellow' side lights):rolleyes:
  18. gadget1960

    Advice / recommendation for smd side lights

    Hi all. As title suggests ... I have a W210 and want to change the 'inner' side light bulbs for some of those SMD ultra white canbus jobbies, the standard bulbs are just so dated being a dull yellow-ish colour. So, has anyone changed theirs for any particular make / type and achieved the...
  19. gadget1960

    Jaguar xj6 Help required please

    Always wanted one, eventually bought one, never been so disappointed with a car ! it looked absolutely fantastic in it's 'Regency Red' colour but that is where the love affair ended. Mine was a 94 FJSH 49,000 mls, and I think was made in the early days of Ford ownership? you could definitely...
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