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  1. Kamisuma

    Anyone selling a clk500 FL ?

    One of my cars is a black CLK 500 Cab A209. If you want a 500 saloon then surely you would be better off with an E500 unless you don't want 4 doors. The reason for the CLK in my mind is for a 4 seater soft top, but everyone to their own If you really want a black CLK Coupe, then go for a CLK55...
  2. Kamisuma

    Ebay Help required

    Have you contacted your local trading standards, mine helped me with an eBay dispute a couple of years ago. Trading standards have more clout than you and likely have contacts at eBay to resolve matters
  3. Kamisuma

    M113K Operating Temperature

    Kompressor - it will always run a bit hotter
  4. Kamisuma

    50 plus drivers prosecuted for driving through a Red X light!!!!

    If you drive like that you take a chance and can't complain if you get caught.. Too many ignore signs and I have seen far too many avoidable accidents in driving rain, fog and snow where people have ignored speed limits and lane closures. Happens regularly on the M6 southwards from Carlisle...
  5. Kamisuma

    Word association game

  6. Kamisuma

    Sad news

    Sad news; my sincerest condolences and so sorry for your loss. Thanks for letting everyone know.
  7. Kamisuma

    Gott In Himmel

    I admire the charity but even Lady P would puke!! Oh, and is that go-faster checkerboard roof in keeping with the charity theme? 😢
  8. Kamisuma

    Covid-19 Discussion

    In principle that is true of social media platforms, but Trump is trying to change that in the US. That couldn't happen here of course!! :devil::dk: Administration asks FCC to carry out Trump's tech crackdown
  9. Kamisuma

    Covid-19 Discussion

    A place for twits and such like?;)
  10. Kamisuma

    Covid-19 Discussion

    Couldn't agree more with the above. Obviously need a great deal of data and analysis to establish any true correlation and whether it is a direct cause of death or exacerbates existing conditions causing death. Other conditions, treatments and medications need to be known and analysed and...
  11. Kamisuma

    Witnessed a crash - Dashcam came in handy!

    Sorry, It's not working for me, Many people seeing an accident don't realize that their footage could help someone involved in the accident. Well done.
  12. Kamisuma

    Support Student Nurses

    Signed and link passed on to all my contacts Disgraceful conduct by the government
  13. Kamisuma

    breakers seat belt

    You have mail
  14. Kamisuma

    breakers seat belt

  15. Kamisuma

    breakers seat belt

    PM sent
  16. Kamisuma

    breakers seat belt

    Just offering either drivers seat belt
  17. Kamisuma

    breakers seat belt

    I have two donor w209 vehicles, one with a cream interior and one with grey. If either of these are of any use then let me know.
  18. Kamisuma

    New car, wrong alloys.... HELP!!!

    They do not work on your car.
  19. Kamisuma

    Does anyone use Contactless payment cards or other digital payment such as Apple PAy?

    I have to use my pin to verify every 10th transaction which is more than £85 in total
  20. Kamisuma

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    I understood the Fuel Cells do not need the same infrastructure as battery powered vehicles, do not need to recharge and take about the same time to fill as an internal combustion engine. Surely that is what should be being developed and promulgated.
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