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  1. bluelights22

    Mercedes tyre 'skipping' - official statement

    My main dealer fitted All Weather tyres to my GLC 250 and the problem has gone away completely.
  2. bluelights22

    GLC AMG LINE running boards

    You can get running boards on the AMG line at purchase but the lower body shape of the AMG line is different to the sport etc.
  3. bluelights22

    GLC Folding rear seats

    even with the back head rests up, they don't catch the front seat in the fully back position, I drive with the drivers seat all the way back.
  4. bluelights22

    C Class owners only......

    Marshalls in Portsmouth changed out my tyres to the All Weather ones on the 10th Nov. since then I've had no trouble with skipping on my GLC at all! In fact to ride is quieter, smoother and certainly more sure footed.
  5. bluelights22

    Is this the end of diesel?

    I'll just remove the "d" after the 250, no one will know what it is, I get asked "what sort of car is that"? already.
  6. bluelights22

    GLC Folding rear seats

    Mine does the same, when I lower the driver side back seat to get golf trolley in the back, It's really annoying and I can't find how to switch it off, Perhaps when it's 3 years old I'll get a 'coder' to sort it for me. And that annoying beep beep that tells me theres a car near when there isn't.
  7. bluelights22

    Would you buy another Merc ?

    I'm a first timer with MB, I bought a GLC 250 last August and love the car, I'm a little annoyed at the crabbing issue but that's all, everything else is great, it's powerful, quiet, fairly economical, very very comfortable and I think it looks great too.
  8. bluelights22

    Mercedes in mass recall of late models.

    I checked with my dealer as soon as I heard, they said mine wasn't affected (Aug 2016) Something to do with a starting capacitor or resistor burning up?
  9. bluelights22

    Mercedes GLC Clonking and juddering on near full steering lock

    I went to Portsmouth Marshals MB dealer yesterday and they informed that the all weather tyre info hasn't come from MB Germany, They will take my car in and check it's steering geometry to make sure nothing is wrong but "it's just something the car does" I told him he was talking crap and I have...
  10. bluelights22

    Mercedes GLC Clonking and juddering on near full steering lock

    Tony Mac, you mention a MB statement? Can you tell me where this is? i.e. where can I find a copy to give to my Portsmouth dealer, they are being quite aggressive, saying it's not come from Germany but is an "alternative fact" :dk:
  11. bluelights22

    Mercedes GLC Clonking and juddering on near full steering lock

    I rang my MB stealer yeaterday and informed them of the problem, they said that this was a comfort issue and nothing else. I gave them a few choice words from my naval vocabulary, basically saying that this is a cop out and it's wont work with me, I will take them to court under the sales of...
  12. bluelights22

    If you didnt have a Merc what would you drive ??

    Jag, Beemer, Lexus Got to keep up appearances
  13. bluelights22

    Dash cam ??? any advice

    I have two of these in my GLC, front and back, both run from power supplies from ebay at £5 each on the cig lighter fuse. Fitted them myself, it took a pair of hours.
  14. bluelights22

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    On one of my submarine face book sites someone has OP05 SUM His last boat was submarine OPOSSUM, Very good I think.
  15. bluelights22

    Mercedes in mass recall of late models.

    SPX That's spooky, you pulled that thought right out of my mind!
  16. bluelights22

    GLC Issues
  17. bluelights22

    GLC Issues

    hallra Does the Sport have the same suspension as your car? My AMG has coil springs, so is pretty bullet proof, I wanted a car to take me into older age, with this in mind I looked at something to be comfortable with my conditions, lots of toys but nothing too complicated as it wont be under...
  18. bluelights22

    GLC Issues

    I tried the Q5 before getting the GLC, I also have galloping arthritis and spodylosis (curvature of spine) The Q5 was shocking! the seats were wide but very hard, they hurt within the hours test drive. I have the GLC 250 AMG with premium pack, not all singing all dancing. The only thing I did...
  19. bluelights22

    What MPG are people getting?

    GLC 250d from Portsmouth to Cumbria in eco mode 42mpg, return journey in comfort mode 47mpg.
  20. bluelights22

    GLC AMG LINE running boards

    phil43amg Will they be OEM? have you got the car yet?
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