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  1. def90cars

    Delays from Bremen?

    The problem is MBs "pearl-chain" system and how they forecast option take up. Worked in MB logistics in Bremen, Rastatt and Sindelfingen for two years.
  2. def90cars

    Porsche Carrera 4S Am I a Bully....

    I had a 911 about 15 years ago (before I knew the way of the AMG) and came up behind a CLK on a dual carriageway. Right I thought, I'll have you son..... ...... anyway it was a CLK55. Since then I bought 3 AMGs and 0 Porsches.
  3. def90cars

    C63S Mapping in Progress

    Brabus offer 590bhp
  4. def90cars

    Slightly Miffed.

    No wife, five cars. Like polygamy but with less birthdays to remember.
  5. def90cars

    Advice on this C63?

    I don't know why they lie about this. Just say two owners. The "1 Previous" is what the current V5C says... for the SECOND owner.
  6. def90cars

    Finding someone whao has gone to ground!

    Is someone claiming the film rights for this? Much better than that Tom Hanks thing.
  7. def90cars


    C43 to the C63 is the Mexico to the RS2000, the SRi to the GT/E or the S4 to the RS4. Very good, even great car. Do we have to compare?
  8. def90cars

    Oh No ! Mis-Fuelled !!

    TRUE story, my brother filled his diesel with petrol (about 2/3 petrol into 1/3 diesel still in) and managed 56 miles before if stopped. Only then because he was parked on a hill and the diesel settled to the back of the tank. He is a mechanic - simply picked the wrong nozzle - easy done. Tank...
  9. def90cars

    Best Cinema Car Chase of All Time...?

    The Italian Job of course. Don't ask which one..... there is only one.
  10. def90cars

    Advice on this C63?

    Looks nice. Agree wheels look refurbed, Check service is really "full" every 12 months on these regardless. Says 1 previous owner so check you will be second... classic trick.. actually already 2? Bolsters do wear!
  11. def90cars

    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned, misquote. But I'll check with the wife.
  12. def90cars

    Anybody else have any weird driving habits or quirks?

    Agreed with above, and I fixed the wife issue too. Single.
  13. def90cars

    Prom Car Needed - Wiltshire area

    All we got was to jump in the school "boating lake".... actually just a flood storage pond. It stunk.
  14. def90cars

    Show Plates

    The problem I see with showplates is that no matter how much they re-space, how much they bend the letters, or how many extra fastening screws they use..... I can still only read the C**K from it!
  15. def90cars

    Show Plates

    Barn door model I hope
  16. def90cars

    What can be done on a C200 petrol? - Advice for a newbie..

    Can be mapped to 240PS no problem.
  17. def90cars

    Headlamps - wire wool and t-cut

    Yeah, I tried Colgate Optic, Said they'd get whiter after three weeks. No luck, still a little bit yellow light. But the car has fresh breath now.
  18. def90cars


    E coupe is actually a C class?? X400 (X-type) shared 14 part numbers with the Mondeo, excluding common items like engines, bolts, wheels. I worked at Halewood on the pre-production builds.
  19. def90cars

    The new Ford Ranger Truck

    3.2 V6 here in Aus! p.s. story sounds a tad metrosexual
  20. def90cars

    There is stupid then there is Ferrari stupid.

    The only thing chapping his a$$ will be his boyfriend.
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