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  1. Derek Mc

    Opinion of these fitted to a W211

    MERCEDES C CLASS Alloy Wheel Set Front 225 45Z R17 94W Rear 245 40 Z R17 | eBay I adore these on the W204 opinions please? And if I cant find a set of these in 17" at the right time, then I would love to get a set of these,, (at a better price than this however) MERCEDES E CLASS 17" ANKAA...
  2. Derek Mc

    W211 economy vs W212

    Great feedback and info my sincere thanks, I find a growing soft spot for the W211 for some bizarre reason and if I get it then the choice of alloy upgrade I think I have myself the ultimate personal transport device for my needs :)
  3. Derek Mc

    Touring: York

    Another great road trip Steve :) Love the Museum and Yorkminster pics, we used to visit their often when we lived in South Yorkshire. Loved the lanes loved the real food pub's loved the wall's for wandering from pub to pub along :)
  4. Derek Mc

    Remapping for economy?

    Can anyone tell me experiences (especially on diesel) of remapping to up economy more than performance out and out?
  5. Derek Mc

    W211 economy vs W212

    I can relate to your figures quite well, my Vectra has a combined book figure of 47.8mpg but I can average up to 53mpg tank to tank so am not the harshest of drivers I think,,,, Thank you for sharing :)
  6. Derek Mc

    Caption Competition

    Now that's what I call a Fart!
  7. Derek Mc

    Bird life and dealing with the Magpies

    I have little respect for magpie's myself, they are evil creatures I watched them raid and destroy the family nest of our tame blackbird clan no amount of chasing by us could make them dissapear. Shoot them! get a catapault even ;)
  8. Derek Mc

    W211 economy vs W212

    I have been looking for a W204 for a while and not really had my head turned since the indigolite blau C220 CDi Sport I first saw and fell for. I am now quite seriously looking at either a W211 E220 CDi or W212 E220/e250 and wonder what real world driving will return. I do mostly motorway runs...
  9. Derek Mc

    Can you run a 2002 e220 Cdi on veg oil?

    If the CDi is anything like the Vauxhall CDTi engine then the short answer is yes! and that will be the same as the life expectancy of the fuel pump and injectors. Only indirect injection diesels can be run on veg oil. The CDTi engine can only accept bio-diesel as it comes from the filling...
  10. Derek Mc

    Best car wax to use ??

    You can mask them temporarily with AG super resin polish topped off with a wax finish. Blackfire 3000 and a DA using a hex pad will remove the swirls and a good pre-wash two bucket and rinse wash regime will reduce the opportunity for them to return. Don't go anywhere near T-cut it will make...
  11. Derek Mc

    Caption Competition

    NO no sign of your phone but there is a guy here who says he lost a Mercedes in here too!
  12. Derek Mc

    fastest way to transfer a private plate??

    It is worth Arriving before the office opens and standing for 15 mins in the cold as by opening time the queue's are very lengthy and the wait can be hours and hours. On getting the paperwork approved, you pay and are given a return date to collect the updated information usually a week, you...
  13. Derek Mc

    Help identifying this front end W211

    You will be the first to know :thumb:
  14. Derek Mc

    Help identifying this front end W211

    It is for that one. I sent an email and am waiting for documentary proof of miles, they have all the details of the Vectra and 30 plus pictures to settle on a trade in ;)
  15. Derek Mc

    Help identifying this front end W211

    I am looking at a very late 08/58 plate car, so would need to get a front end to suit. Yes the wheels are a stunning addition, I plan if I go for this car to locate a set of staggered AMG 18" alloys for it, this style :- Mercedes Sl R230 genuine amg alloy wheels And Tyres 18" Sl350 Sl500 Sl55...
  16. Derek Mc

    Help identifying this front end W211

    Mercedes W211 S211 Front Bumper AMG Sport Design +Mountings + Fog lights 02-06 | eBay OK found it, so far £369 plus shipping about £200 for paint and then I will need the wheels,,,,,
  17. Derek Mc

    Help identifying this front end W211

    AMG Bodykit,,,, is this a front end that can be picked up anywhere and for less than the cost of a third world country??? BTW I just looked at your car "Stunning" springs to mind, a saloon in Iridium with those wheels that front would be pretty much my ultimate look,,,
  18. Derek Mc

    Help identifying this front end W211

    08 / 58 Mercedes-Benz E-class E320 Cdi Sport 3.0 5d Estate Auto White Sat Nav | eBay I love the look of this bumper, can anyone tell me what it is as it is totally different to all the ones I am seeing on Sports of this age. It reminds me of one I saw back in 2002 on a pre-release e240 saloon...
  19. Derek Mc

    Michael Jacksons Ghost

    Jeezzzuuussss!!!! Nearly had a heart attack I was follish enough to go on the original post not scrolling down :)
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