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  1. Davycc

    W203 C320 petrol power steering reservoir

    OK I'm feeling stupid. I've started to get a bit of a light shudder on turning left when at 30 mph and over. The car passed its MOT today with no issues so am assuming steering, joints bushes etc are ok. I've just read that this can start when the power steering fluid is low so decided to check...
  2. Davycc

    Not new to Mercs, But new to ownership

    Guys, get signed up to the members map
  3. Davycc

    New member from Ireland

    Welcome in, why not sign up to our members map.
  4. Davycc

    Its a girl!!

    Sorry Dr Who never grabbed me ...........
  5. Davycc

    Where is everyone from?

    Born County Antrim, live in County Antrim.
  6. Davycc

    New member

    Welcome in John, you will find a lot of help here.
  7. Davycc

    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned ... I hate having the runs
  8. Davycc

    Commit For Life

    FFS I get enough of this at home ... I actually do ... stop pretending you know I love you all..... huh women.... oh wait !:fail
  9. Davycc

    Commit For Life

    I hate you lot ... afford was distinctly mentioned. Yugo then for me
  10. Davycc

    Members Map

    Appears to be working ok now as several new members have joined. 78 members and 3 specialists so far, lets push for the 100.
  11. Davycc

    Newbie to Mercedes from Birmingham

    Well welcome in sir. Please see the offer in my siggy.
  12. Davycc

    Helloooo from Costa del sol, Spain.

    Welcome in. Why not become our first member on the map who happens to be located in Espana
  13. Davycc

    Even more new jokes... (No UK Politics please)

    Love this [YOUTUBE HD]YzeKi_hW9vw[/YOUTUBE HD]
  14. Davycc

    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned, his name isn't exactly !
  15. Davycc

    Summer holidays

    Lend us a couple of grand pops?
  16. Davycc

    Summer holidays

    Flip sake, I'm taking my ball. You lot just couldn't leave it until someone asked :crazy: Right am away to sulk.
  17. Davycc

    Members Map

    I logged out as admin (and tried as a minion ;) ) first time it failed because I had the "W" in lower case tried again with caps on and no issues. I'll wait and see if anyone else has an issue then take my big stick around to the developers house and sort him out.
  18. Davycc

    Ban The Person Above You...

    DUH, banned it's actually Busey as in Boo Say
  19. Davycc

    Summer holidays

    Going to Ourgate next week.
  20. Davycc

    Members Map

    Hmmm maybe a temporary glitch. All you guys added now. :thumb:
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