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  1. Brashy

    HOW TO: Swirl Flap removal/delete - Mercedes 270 CDI

    I decided to write up a little how to after searching endlessly only to find some rough guides but nothing with an overall process to do this. First of all this is a very in depth job and requires a few hours to complete. This is something a home mechanic can complete easily but I would advise...
  2. Brashy

    New member

    No but I will keep my eye out for that. Parking brake didnt work but I fixed that. Boot lock was broken but I fixed that too. Headlamp washers dont work but hoping its a fuse. Only one key so will have to bite the bullet and visit merc for that.
  3. Brashy

    New member

    I spend more time in Peterborough so probably best over there. Sorry for delayed reply I am out of the country and internet is not always available.
  4. Brashy

    WANTED: CLK 02-06 Owners handbook.

    I am after the owners handbook for an 02-06 CLK w209, specifically the 270 CDI but I think the handbooks cover all variants. Ideally with the wallet and other books intact. Regards Danny.
  5. Brashy

    New member

    Forgot to mention, I live in Liverpool and Peterborough throughout the year due to work.
  6. Brashy

    New member

    Hi all, My name is Danny and I am 2 days into owning my first Mercedes. It's not a new fancy one though. I fell in love with the W209 CLk and managed to get myself one at a pretty reasonable price. 2003 CLK 270 CDI avantegarde in champagne silver. put a few miles on it in 2 days and have...
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