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  1. sappers

    Tank Emptying

    Hi, I have a ML270 that has half a tank of diesel that needs emptying. What is the quickest/safest way to do this? TIA.
  2. sappers

    Various Error Codes

    Thanks for these pointers, I have a smart charger keeping the bold ML battery topped up. Time to use it properly.
  3. sappers

    Various Error Codes

    OK, low battery voltage. I've had this before on a previous ML270 although it didn't manifest itself the same way. Previous to this incident (about a month) the low coolant light was on although the coolant level was fine, during which the air-con fan stopped working, the heated seats stopped...
  4. sappers

    Various Error Codes

    I went to start my ML270 one evening last week and was met with an array of lights on the dashboard, some flashing and some permanently alight, also a warning beeping too. After abandoning the car on the driveway and using a BMW instead, it came to reading off the codes. These are the codes...
  5. sappers

    ML270 undertray fixings

    That's scary! I woke up this morning and that is the first thing I thought about. I am due to change the oil and remembered that I was going to buy some screws to replace the cable ties I found last time.
  6. sappers

    Regard ml270

    Hi, I've just had the same ESP/BAS light coming and going until it stayed on permanently. Cause of this was a worn track rod end which screwed the tracking out a bit and wore the inside edge of the offside tyre out. This in turn affected the ESP/BAS for some reason. Two new track rods and a set...
  7. sappers

    W163 Third row windows

    Ok, thanks for that. I have a 7 seater already but I'm looking to buy a good one. If I can get a decent one I am going to break the one I have and use it for parts (running but injectors and EGR playing up and I refuse to spend any more money on it.) I was looking to get a 5 or 7 seater and just...
  8. sappers

    W163 Third row windows

    Has the W163 model with 5 seats and non opening third row windows got the wiring in place to add opening third row windows when converting to 7 seats, and is the wiring already fitted at the front centre console for the switches, does anybody know? I have a 2002 7 seater and I am looking to...
  9. sappers

    W163 steering, brakes and BAS/ESP

    Ok, update time, I've taken the car to a local car park and done some figure of eights, i.e lock to lock and full circles left and right but still did not clear the light, so went to the shops. I came out and restarted the car and the light was still on so as I was driving to a different...
  10. sappers

    W163 steering, brakes and BAS/ESP

    Thanks for that a111r, I will add that to the list of things to check tomorrow. Cheers.
  11. sappers

    W163 steering, brakes and BAS/ESP

    OK Stratman, thanks for that. Tried that a couple of times but the light still remains on. I think I will whip the wheels off again tomorrow and check to see if I've disturbed an ABS sensor or something. Cheers
  12. sappers

    W163 steering, brakes and BAS/ESP

    Thanks for the reply. I've had the tracking rectified on a Hunter 4 wheel set up but the light is still on after 3 starts. Will it go off itself or do I need to look at wheel sensors and brake fluid levels after replacing the discs and pads yesterday? Cheers.
  13. sappers

    W163 steering, brakes and BAS/ESP

    I've looked through the various posts but can find no definitive answer. I have today changed the steering rack boot on a W163 ML270 and also replaced the brake discs and pads. After a drive of about 3 miles when accelerating a bit hard the BAS/ESP light has come on and will not go off upon...
  14. sappers

    Advice on engine temp

    I have an ML270 that has had some problems with the engine running badly and have just picked it up Friday only for it to reach normal running temperature that I took to be 80 degrees (half way on the guage) and start playing up again. However, Sunday morning and the time comes for me to take it...
  15. sappers

    W163 ml270 maf

    Found this, genuine Pierburg part for ML270 2002 vintage etc. MERCEDES C270 2.7D Air Mass Sensor 7.22684.07.0 Flow Meter Pierburg 0000941248 | eBay £47.84 inc delivery! 2 left at this time!
  16. sappers

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    New oil separator and new MAF sensor, still no improvement in running!
  17. sappers

    Newbie from VAG to Mercedes (W211)

    If only there was a Mercedes equivalent of VCDS eh?
  18. sappers

    W163 oil separator issues?

    Further to previous post. I started to try and find an oil separator online from Euro car parts GSF etc. Second hand ones on fleabay for about £25, generic parts from China about the same price, Febi have one listed (49469) but no supplier local to me and they don't deal direct with the public...
  19. sappers

    W163 oil separator issues?

    Hi, quick question. If the inner membrane on an oil separator is split 2/3 of the way around it's outer edge, will this have a detrimental effect on running, I.E loads of black smoke?
  20. sappers

    ML 270 Rough running

    I will try and video it this weekend
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