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  1. kjay

    Another excuse for a Mod...

    I saw these on Ebay this week... amg sill protectors[c class] on eBay, also Graphics, Exterior Styling, Car Tuning Styling, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 14-Jun-09 21:32:29 BST) ???? .
  2. kjay

    I've been diffused...

    Diffuser looks so good!:thumb: But, most of all, that 'glass-like paint' blows me away!!:cool: .
  3. kjay

    Who has the best Member Name?

    Without a doubt - Bobby Dazzler.;)
  4. kjay

    Identifying body trim part

    With VIN... A203 690 05 62 colour code - 5359 (Tanzanite blue) Jay.
  5. kjay

    Happy birthday glojo

    I believe with age comes wisdom - God's compensation I'm told.;) Happy birthday - for yesterday.:thumb: . .
  6. kjay

    Expensive weekend

    That wasn't the answer I was expecting! I have a mate (who I've not seen for years) who always was into drag racing. He started out with a Triumph Herald with a Rover V8, then later he built his own car. You've got to respect people who give up everything else to plough money into their sport...
  7. kjay

    Expensive weekend

    How does this sort of 'set-back' effect your budget? I presume most of the money to run the team, comes from sponsorship. Do you plan a years/seasons budget in advance, or do the sponsors pay a percentage of the running costs? .
  8. kjay

    It would appear that the lunatics...

    It's all about priorities. Services need to curb spending so that Borden Grown can have his house cleaned. :rolleyes::wallbash: Sorry - couldn't resist. .
  9. kjay

    Identifying body trim part

    I could do if I had your VIN. Usually, you'd send it via PM, but as you're a new memeber, you can't - you need 30 posts. You could post it here, and then delete it once i've seen it ? The reason for the secrecy is vehicle cloning. .
  10. kjay

    Ex Wayne Rooney apparentley

    Stunning:thumb: .
  11. kjay

    Metal cams for flat pack units

    No, not just you.;) .
  12. kjay

    CLK W209 Brake Upgrade

    No, I still run 278 discs on the rear, and I've never had any issues with brake balance. The ABS would kick in anyway:confused:. .
  13. kjay

    Metal cams for flat pack units

    As a fitter, I totaly agree!! I'm still suprised how many manufacturers supply missing/damaged items with a Q.passed sticker on them - when it clearly wasn't damaged in transit.:mad: Going back to the missing cam/dowels - if the panel is not going to be seen, and I've got no spares, I just use...
  14. kjay

    headlamp adjustment

    Pure smutt - as usuall :D:D:D :thumb: .
  15. kjay

    Allways leave the wheel caps on!

    Washing-up liquid and a hammer - sorted.:D
  16. kjay

    CLK W209 Brake Upgrade

    300mm? The (front) sport pack brakes are 345mm - which can be fitted with 17" wheels.;) Can't remember the part numbers, but they'll be on the forum somewhere. For the front conversion, you'll need the calipers, discs and back plates. If you do the rears too - they don't have Mercedes Benz...
  17. kjay

    Metal cams for flat pack units

    What does that tell you?
  18. kjay

    CL500 Airbag Module help!!

    Is this the control unit under the bonnet on the passenger side? The first one from your list of numbers is the part number - they're preceeded with an 'A'. So.... A001 820 22 26 This was replaced by A002 820 38 26 which, I'm pretty certain is the one you want. If you're want to PM me your...
  19. kjay

    CLK Audio boot install

    It's not a W208 and it's not a convertible, but this might wet your appetite and give you some ideas. .
  20. kjay

    The Apprentice

    Yes, hence my sentence. :wallbash: Click on each face and it'll give you their quallifications and job. .
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