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  1. Dand

    how many times do you clean your car

    I normally try to clean it every other week and then a good going over every quarter but if i have any spare time i usually end up tinkering about on the drive with my cleaning kit :D
  2. Dand

    The 'own up to ruining your car' thread

    The early ones are a very underrated car. I had a pre-facelift phase 1 for 18 months and it was probably the best car ive ever owned bar the Mercedes of course :D I had a brand new Laguna II extreme which a ruined though. I put smoked Lexus lights and fox wheels on it :ban:
  3. Dand

    VW Passat CC Bluemotion

    Will do, I know they have had the car since new. Would it mention whether its a Delphi injector in the service invoice from when it was replaced?
  4. Dand

    VW Passat CC Bluemotion

    Im not to sure, il ask next time i see him.
  5. Dand

    VW Passat CC Bluemotion

    Sorry for the late reply, I believe it was down to a common/pricy fault with the injection system. It would just randomly packin often in awkward places. there was also a problem with the sat-nav. To be fair to the car though, the Local VW dealer where its been maintained rarely gets positive...
  6. Dand

    Rain X

    Ive been using the rainX spray for three or four years now. Ive found it to be great on with windscreen compared to other products ive used in the past, but ive found it not to helpful on the rear screen when reversing with standing water on it at night. P.s Ive noticed some Asda stores are...
  7. Dand

    w124 Amber front indicator's on 95>

    Imo it would look good with the US spec corners and clear side repeaters. With the car being a dark color have you considered smoked side repeaters so they blend with the paint and tail lights.
  8. Dand

    The Meanings Behind Members Avatars

    Mines because i enjoy retro stuff and i had to corporate Mercedes into it somewhere. :bannana:
  9. Dand

    VW Passat CC Bluemotion

    Lovely looking car. I friend of mines farther has the normal Passat 2.0 TDI 170ps. Its not been the most reliable of cars but that felt like it had plenty of go in it. Its not the most exciting interior but i feels very well put together :)
  10. Dand

    90's HipHop videos And Mercedes Benz...

    Im not sure which video it is but Korn used a w210 and a pullman in a video.
  11. Dand

    Poorboys Glaze

    Yeah, My master plan is to ease off the SRP and use the glaze and a wax for top-up/quick cleans in between full cleaning session. Im not that keen on the idea of using an abrasive on the car often now its starting to knock on a bit. I used to use AG EGP and these funny Superguard sponges but...
  12. Dand

    Poorboys Glaze

    Thanks guys, il give the damp and microfiber pads a shot tomorrow. I started off with pea sized drops but it was a bug*er to spread around the panel using a dry foam pad. Your right Alx im hoping to pick up some sort of starter pack at a show im going to this weekend :D Thanks for the heads...
  13. Dand

    wiessman clk hard top on ebay

    Thats pretty cool. It means a pillar less 208 coupe is possible in a way.
  14. Dand

    Thinking 'M3 CSL' I mad?

    Its no CSL but the upgrades to the e46 M3 engined e36 have made it sound pretty juicy. :rock: AZTANLOkWM0
  15. Dand

    Very Nice 107, are the seats a clue?

    It looks lovely to me, Ive always had a soft spot for the SLC's. Im not sure about the drivers seat it could be down to quite a few things but it is a bit unusual.
  16. Dand

    Poorboys Glaze

    Hey everyone, I used Poorboys White Diamond for the first time yesterday and was pretty pleased with the results. My only little niggle with it was i felt it didnt really spread all that well (compared to AG SRP) and i ended up using more than i thought i would. I was just wondering if thats...
  17. Dand

    Thinking 'M3 CSL' I mad?

    Thats kind of pooed on the parade a bit but i bet the likes of AC schnitzer, Hartge, and eisenmann have made products with a similar out come. I have to confess as much as i like the CSL i would never want one as a daily drive. Because it would fail the would i be happy driving it home after...
  18. Dand

    Thinking 'M3 CSL' I mad?

    I dont think your mad at all. The CSL is one heck of a car and could prove a great investment. But like Doodle said being a niche car when it comes to selling it it could take a while to shift which might mean you run the risk of losing the perfect house if it should pop up. The CS makes...
  19. Dand

    Joined the W124 brigade

    Lol, Im getting very tempted. Im at that point where you check the classifieds daily to see whats what and do a bit of drooling.
  20. Dand

    Joined the W124 brigade

    Congrats on the new purchase, it looks like a stunning example. I hope it brings you many miles of enjoyment. This forum is a bad influence on me its making me have a real hankering for a 124 now. :D
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