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  1. ianchips

    Mercedes GLC Clonking and juddering on near full steering lock

    My dealer has advised me that Mercedes are going to replace the front tyres on my GLC AMG 43 F.O.C. and told me that they were doing this for anyone who had complained about the "crabbing" issue.
  2. ianchips

    C 300 Hybrid B1 service

    Hi, can anyone confirm the usual cost of a B1 service for this model ? Thank you
  3. ianchips

    Lead time for new C class , 5 months!!!!

    I went in to my dealer to order a new C250 , told me would be 3 months ( 1 year ago )they had an unregistered C300 hybrid in showroom , the discount offered and part exchange deal made it an offer i could not refuse . 3 days later drove out with new car. I reckon its worth looking at whats in...
  4. ianchips

    dash cam

    Hi , can anyone recommend a dash cam for my C300 , something that looks like it belongs there and is easy to fit and use ?
  5. ianchips

    C300 Hybrid

    Hi, traded my C180 coupe in 6 weeks ago for a C300 Hybrid . Bought the showroom model ,Amg line with premium plus package , basically everything except the heads up display and Distronic. I live in the Channel Islands and have yet to test the stated mpg figures , but I am getting around 40mpg...
  6. ianchips

    Becker nav plug in

    Plug in Nav module from C180 , bought it separately in 2013 , so not letting the dealer make money on it . Best offer by Tuesday .
  7. ianchips

    Buying a car from Jersey

    my daughter is at university on the mainland , her permanent address is in Jersey where the vehicle is registered . my point was that you could legally drive your car back to scotland and re register/pay the duty when you get back .
  8. ianchips

    Buying a car from Jersey

    You are perfectly entitled to drive your Jersey registered car in the UK, ( my daughter is in Uni and has her car there ) There is no MOT in jersey so i assume if you were to re-register your vehicle on the UK mainland you would then need an MOT certificate. Cannot understand the insurers angle...
  9. ianchips

    Upgrade of Becker Map Pilot (with new features)

    That was a marathon of an update , and i have 16mb broadband ,thank you to thread starter or i may have missed my 45 day free update .
  10. ianchips

    De-badging method

    I recently bought a New C Class Coupe 180 AMG sport (styling ) and the car looks tremendous , except the C180 tags on the bag sort of spoiled the look of a very sporty ( looking ) car . When i took it into the the dealers for its 30 day check up I asked them to de-badge it , and they did , FOC...
  11. ianchips

    Becker Map Pilot

    I bought one last week off Ebay , £185 plus £12 postage from Germany ,slotted in worked fine, dodgy usb lead meant the PC did not pick it up , used one from an old camera worked fine , updated the software and map to Version: Q411 , Item number: ECE2013008743, I hope they release a new map...
  12. ianchips

    New W204 C-Class owners discussion

    I got a Becker for £185 off Ebay thanks to advice off here, dealer wanted £500,
  13. ianchips

    Retro fit navi

    thank you Thanks for all the posts, just been out bid on E bay for an 8gb one that went for 228. i have a Tomtom, but the trailing wires hassle and the unsticking from screen etc . cheers
  14. ianchips

    Retro fit navi

    Hi, i just bought a new W204 coupe , i bought it off the peg from my local dealer , it has no Sat nav , they told me they could fit one for £500 ( seems extreme ) ? , i guess its already prepared for one , and i have seen them advertised on E Bay for £40 and upwards 1. Are they easy to...
  15. ianchips

    New W204 C-Class owners discussion

    Some pics of my New C180 Coupe
  16. ianchips

    New W204 C-Class owners discussion

    The exhaust sound enhancement which i saw posted about on an earlier thread ? I say goodbye to my 3 year old C180 sport saloon ( fire opal )tomorrow, not a single mechanical problem, one warranty issue, the internal chrome ( plastic ) door handle broke in 2 years of ownership.
  17. ianchips

    New W204 C-Class owners discussion

    Collect my new C180 Coupe AMG Sport tomorrow, Black , panoramic, did not know about the "sound enhancement" ?
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