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  1. stevesey

    98 C240 Sport Cloth Interior - free to collector

    Just dug most of one out of the loft - where it's been resting for 8 years. Consists of 4 headrests, rear seats, passenger seat back and squab, in frames but dismantled - missing bolts etc. Drivers squab in frame and back just the material. no runners/mechanisms etc. Front seats are in bits as I...
  2. stevesey

    The man in Halfords got very upset..

    I gave an e-mail address to my bank once mimicking their own systems I gave them donotuse@<mydomian> - I doubt anyone has ever noticed they keep sending e-mails to it.
  3. stevesey

    Cruise control inop above 40mph

    I seem to remember getting the the ABS light on my W202 C240 when cursing on the motorway with a virtually new spare and a down to the tread makers tyre on the same axle.
  4. stevesey

    Returning to the fold - C Class Estate

    Hi all After 6 years without a Merc I'm thinking about returning to the fold. Been away as I bought a cheap 100k miles focus estate - it's now reached 209k with little more than oil changes. However it is beginning to feel it's age. Looking at C Class estates - at around the £3-5k mark...
  5. stevesey

    Dealer sentenced (I nearly bought from him - saved by mycarcheck)

    Don't think I posted this at the time but last December I went to look at A C2 for my Daughter - car was very tidy, 04 Plate, 40K miles, Black with a funky orange interior - £2.4K. Some minor scratching to interior door handles, no obvious signs of paint - although I did spot a bit on damaged...
  6. stevesey

    c240 w202 engine cutting out

    Cutting out when hot and not re-starting until it's cooled down is a classic sympton of crank sensor issues, Not quite the same as you describe, but do you issues only occur when hot? If so worth a look. How many miles - these typically seem to go @ around 100K
  7. stevesey

    Waste Disposal Advice

    Like a hand.:eek: Actually SWMBO did turn ours on once with her hand in it (retrieving some small object that has fallen in). She a had bit of a mental block and meant to do something else with her free and and hit the switch instead. Luckilly it didn't have chance to gather any momentum and...
  8. stevesey

    Boiler advice... again.

    That's progress for you - take a simple design make it 25% more efficient, in the name of the environment, and then need to replace it every 10 years.
  9. stevesey

    Help!! Locked boot with battery disconnected!

    IIRC on 202/203/208/209s they are not obviously marked like they are on BMWs (big red cap) - and look like little more than a connector block for some big cables.
  10. stevesey

    Waste Disposal Advice

    Had a Frankie with the house - that lasted about 25 years (one repair/overhaul by me). Replaced with the cheapest Insinkerator from B&Q about 3 years ago - no problems.
  11. stevesey

    Chav behaviour

    I was thinking similar - i.e. is he actually going that fast -ssemed to spend most of the time bliping it and then slowing gain. Pedestrains and cyclists don't really seem to react at all (even to the noise).
  12. stevesey

    What is this car?

    Nope - western.
  13. stevesey

    Advice re dealer sevice error....

    Shouldn't the electonic oil level sesnor have given you a over-full warning?
  14. stevesey


    Don't your legs get cold?
  15. stevesey

    Q: What's this plant called?

    Or just move to Cornwall. P.S. Well done camerafodder it's your go now. Is this a variation of the what's this car/bit of car/covered car theads, isn't it?
  16. stevesey

    What is this car?

    It's no relation though.
  17. stevesey

    Boiler advice... again.

    15 years - mere youngster. 30 year old Thorn Apollo here - as I said earlier, gas valve, big flame, heatexhanger - no fan, no electronics. Cancelled the service contract 20 years ago - and in that time it has consumed two thermocouples at about £10 a time. Shouldn't post this should I it will...
  18. stevesey


    SWMBO manages to clean it off - I'll have to check with her.:D
  19. stevesey

    Narva Range Power Blue H7

    Not seated properly (so filament is not in the correct place in relation to the reflector). Although if it the Avensis was like that as well you'd have to be pretty stupid to get it wrong twice. :devil: Could just be poorly made. How does the cut off look when you drive up to a wall/garage door
  20. stevesey

    2000 clk230 avandgarde

    You should find a +ve terminal under the bonnet, passenger side, near the bulkhead on the inner wing. Should enable you to charge the battery. As for the boot - have you tried wd40 in the lock and lots of patience wiggling the key - they can often be freed up after a while (hours, not minutes).
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