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  1. Steve260E

    2006 C219 CLS rear number plate fixings

    Hello, the previous owner of my CLS320 fitted a ghastly fake chrome plastic number plate holder so I'm trying to revert it back to standard, however upon changing the plate holder they decided to remove the hexagonal rivnut type fixings that you would screw into through the plate holder leaving...
  2. Steve260E

    Comand NTG1 GPS issue - 2006 CLS 219 Thats the one I used, one thing to try before buying another antenna is to remove the power cables from the back of your navi unit for a few minutes to allow it to reset, I did this just as I fitted the second...
  3. Steve260E

    Comand NTG1 GPS issue - 2006 CLS 219

    Update: Fitted another slightly better quality GPS antenna this afternoon, removed the power cable to the nav unit in the boot for 30 seconds and once switched back on I instantly had 6 satellites showing, slow drive round the block and the clock instantly updated itself and the map centred on...
  4. Steve260E

    Comand NTG1 GPS issue - 2006 CLS 219

    Sorry I've not seen your reply as I've been replying to the previous post but yes I think you are correct, its looking like a case of a very cheap poor quality antenna being the problem, I have had it fitted for atleast a week now and in all that time its showed no sign of picking any satellites...
  5. Steve260E

    Comand NTG1 GPS issue - 2006 CLS 219

    Thank you for the advice, I have been into Engineering mode today and I can't find anywhere through the various options that mentiones GPS short or open circuit. I have taken a voltage reading at the fakra connection at the back of the unit and get a steady 4.94V, my antenna is rated for 3V-5V...
  6. Steve260E

    Comand NTG1 GPS issue - 2006 CLS 219

    I should also add that I did temporarily place the antenna on the roof of the car and again no sign of any GPS signal, have checked a number of times to make sure the Fakra connection is in correctly and the terminal is clean....
  7. Steve260E

    Comand NTG1 GPS issue - 2006 CLS 219

    Thanks for that, I have indeed done the same as you did but to no avail, new Fakra antenna is plugged in place of the old one and placed atop of the rear parcel shelf so it has a clear view of the sky
  8. Steve260E

    Comand NTG1 GPS issue - 2006 CLS 219

    Hello, Can anyone offer some advice on what my issue could be relating to the GPS on my NTG1 sat nav in a 2006 CLS? I've had the car about 3 weeks and at no point has the GPS picked up any satellites, upon researching the issue I went ahead and fitted an aftermarket Fakra GPS antenna from ebay...
  9. Steve260E

    Wrong ABS sensor damaged ABS ring

    Yes that surprised me too but it did indeed bolt down flush
  10. Steve260E

    Wrong ABS sensor damaged ABS ring

    Its the rear sensor in question, mixing front and rear sensors is impossible as they are a completely different type of connector, as pmcgsmurf pointed out the part number although very close was wrong and infact needed to be the revised sensor A 211 540 30 17
  11. Steve260E

    Wrong ABS sensor damaged ABS ring

    All the old magnetic ring was fully removed yes thanks, both the drive shaft end and the inside of the hub were thoroughly cleaned before refitting. I've just noticed that the part number of the new sensor is A2115401217, part number of the original sensor is appears that I...
  12. Steve260E

    Wrong ABS sensor damaged ABS ring

    Hello, I recently fitted a new genuine MB ABS sensor to my 2006 CLS C219 320CDI and found that the ABS/ESP light remained on, upon further inspection the ABS ring had corroded and had become detatched, yesterday I fitted the new ABS ring and all seemed to go well, upon the first test drive the...
  13. Steve260E

    M103 2.6 Idle Issue

    I will give the valve a clean out before I try anything else when I get a chance, its not a daily driver so not in any rush to sort the problem, that's a good point about possible split rubber or even gaskets, I will try that and let you know how it goes. Thanks for all your advice
  14. Steve260E

    Immaculate W202

    1994 Modern Classic Mercedes C180 Only 1 Elderly Couple Owned From New & FSH!! | eBay Don't see many in this condition...
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    20150828 101317

  16. 20150730 140512

    20150730 140512

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    20150828 101039

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    20150828 101103

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    20150828 101229

  20. 1991 W124 260E

    1991 W124 260E

    220,000 miles
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