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    SL55 x-pipe and secondary cat deleted - who?

    I should have mentioned I'm up near Milton Keynes :)
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    SL55 x-pipe and secondary cat deleted - who?

    Hi all, Looking to an get x-pipe and secondary cats removed from my SL55, the current exhaust is completely stock and a bit muted for my liking. I loved how my CLS55 sounded with this mod. Does anyone know a good exhaust shop that can do this? I previously went to EMP but their prices have...
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    GENUINE Staggered 18" AMG Alloys

    Price drop £1000 open to offers want them gone
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    GENUINE Staggered 18" AMG Alloys

    18" GENUINE Staggered AMG Alloys No Cracks, No Welds or Previous Repairs Fantastic Condition (see photos) These are original AMG alloys that came off of a W219 CLS55 - rare and desirable due to larger 19" AMGs being very prone to cracking I believe that they may also fit R230 SL and W211 E...
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    [SOLD] Stunning CLS55 For Sale

    Back up for sale now after some uming and ahing about whether or not I should keep it... HF56 AEX £11,995
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    Rear Subframe Bushes and Bolts - CLS55 AMG W219 + Others

    Recently bought a full set of rear subframe bushes and bolts from Mercedes Benz but they're not needed anymore. For a CLS55 AMG but I'm sure many other W211 & W219 models share the same parts - please look up the part numbers. They're on eBay, happy to sell outside just PM me...
  7. B aftermarket brake pads for track?

    Went with yellowstuffs at the end, got a great deal on all four corners. Ideally wanted the bluestuffs but it seems that the rears for our cars are impossible to get hold of ATM!
  8. B aftermarket brake pads for track?

    The Carbotech XP10s seem very hard to find in the UK
  9. B aftermarket brake pads for track?

    I will only be doing one track day and the rest of the time road use so would want something that is suitable for road...have been looking at both red and yellowstuff pads with mixed opinions!
  10. B aftermarket brake pads for track?

    Hi all - planning on going on track soon with the CLS and was wondering if anyone had any experience with aftermarket brake pads? I suspect the OEM ones won't be up to the job ;)
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    Newbie looking for CLS55 AMG

    My CLS is for sale here.... :)
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    [SOLD] Stunning CLS55 For Sale

    PRICE DROP £12,995
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    Newbie looking for AMG E or S class

    My CLS55 is up for sale 👀
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    [SOLD] Stunning CLS55 For Sale

    Note Original Plate HF56 AEX is now on the car Private plate MU55 NAS will not come with the car
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    [SOLD] Stunning CLS55 For Sale

    Interior photos
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    [SOLD] Stunning CLS55 For Sale

    Stunning CLS55 AMG For Sale - rare unmodified/stock exterior Key Specs/Summary Very clean and immaculately looked after CLS55 with a few choice performance upgrades with reliability and discreteness in mind Near immaculate interior Full service history – stamped service books, spent most of...
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