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    Becker Map Pilot

    Recently purchased second hand unit, when it arrived I fitted it in to my 2014 B class, and it appeared to work OK. I was not familiar with the controls for it, so decided to remove it until I was more familiar, and I was going on holiday just back from holiday, and plugged unit in, now getting...
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    W246 Trip Meter

    My 2014 B18B0 CDI SE, shows average MPG since "last start", but when you look at "Since Last Reset" the average MPG is blank showing __;__, all other parameters are shown ie MPH, Miles, Hours etc. My previous B Class showed av MPG for the 3 years I had the car, any advise, should it show av MPG
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    W246 Day Running Lights

    Just purchased 2014 B180 CDI ECO SE Can anyone explain why some cars that year the DRLs are LEDS and others like mine are the Front Fogs lights I do not think is just the date of production. I have seen some older and some newer thanks:confused:
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