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    Why? Just why?

    Missed out on childhood Fuzzy Felts
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    Mercedes ME

    Yes that works but only 1 at once, my trip to wales this weekend is 7 destinations. App needs to be better.
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    Mercedes ME

    As far as I'm aware app only.
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    Mercedes ME

    Got as far as that but the share icon isn't there, FB messenger email text etc are.
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    Mercedes ME

    I have the app and forgotten how to send a route to it. ME is not helpfull at this problem, i have done it in the past though maybe you cant anymore?
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    Ideas for retirement?

    Im just to put my company up for sale im 55 next month. It worries me what to do i guess a part time job i don't want full time shouldn't need it to.
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    What tyres come on the c63

    Black ones :D
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    Cleaning AMG Gloss Black Alloys

    Gloss are you sure mine are Matt on the NP. There a bitch to clean on the inside more than the outside but a bitch anyway I now wish they were gloss. I'm taking it to a Detailer today who's going to seal them. Hopefully this does the trick.
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    Sat Nav - How does it know to avoid probs?

    The newer cars use mobile phones data in the area you are in,
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    AMG GTR Fastest lap in Nurburgring...

    I found on my new SL it's better to drive without using the paddles, you can concentrate more on the road rather than the dials, think the rev band comes up quicker on the bi turbos? Anyway I find it no quicker so just use sport or sport +
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    Dab Radio as standard

    BMW std in 2013 so I guess Merc similiar
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    AMG Driving Academy

    You make me sick :D
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    Mercedes Connect Me

    I get this on my app and the car is locked.
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    AMG Driving Academy

    Did mine there Monday and after 2 hours had to end it, felt very sick. Does show how good TC and ABS is on these cars. SL63.
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    Scratches in side windows

    New glass only
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    Radar needs cleaning

    Car is rather clean I guess it's over sensitive, I cleared the fault and it hasn't reappeared.
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    Radar needs cleaning

    Seems fine to me a MB gremlin? Says refer to manual there's no subject. :doh:
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    Apple CarPlay

    i have it but it depends on other spec you have in the car, i find i dont need it.
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    Classic Motor Show discount

    NEC mate 11/11
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