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    2013 C63 coupe with big spec & warranty

    £24,995 ono. Here is the link to the ad on eBay as the pics are too large to add on here apparently. Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe - Massive Spec inc Distronic and warranty | eBay
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    2013 C63 coupe with big spec & warranty

    Time has come to sell my C63 coupe. Silver with red leather and piano black dash. This particular one has a lot of nice extras not normally seen like distronic, driver assistance pack, red nappa leather, voice control etc. One owner before me. Always serviced and looked after at Mercedes. No...
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    Is there a way to make the memory seat buttons one-touch?

    Not all of them. Some wait until its dark to go out and fine-tune their seat adjustment on the motorway.
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    Is there a way to make the memory seat buttons one-touch?

    I work very hard to be able to afford such trivial first world problems haha
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    Is there a way to make the memory seat buttons one-touch?

    Anybody can make up pointless "what if" scenarios about features on a car that can cause death. What if Margret accidentally presses the boot release button on the key when she's standing behind her Mercedes, and the boot flies up and breaks her nose, causing her to bleed out due to the...
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    Is there a way to make the memory seat buttons one-touch?

    I've not actually tried the other key. Why would I have that programmed into a setting on my car in the first place? And why would I be waiting until doing 70 in a snow storm to adjust the seat? Why would I even be doing 70 in a dark snow storm?! Other stuff like previous BMW or Jag, you can...
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    Is there a way to make the memory seat buttons one-touch?

    Like the title says... bugs the hell outta me. Every other non Merc with memory seats I've had has just been one touch and it goes to the position set position, not holding the button down for all eternity.
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    AMG Approved Used Warranty

    I managed to get mine into the dealer for a whole new drivers seatbelt because it retracted slowly. They didn't dispute or question it at all, just did the job.
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    AMG Approved Used Warranty

    Definitely 2 years, as I bought mine fairly recently. Also got a funky little USB stick shaped like the main key with all the warranty info on.
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    My other car is.....

    1997 BMW M3 (track toy), 2017 Mazda 3 (company car), 2017 Mini Cooper (Mrs), 2016 Kawasaki Z800 (being a hooligan)
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    Driving Laws you may have broken

    These are law-breaking for beginners. I'm sure many of us have moved onto the expert material..
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    Is anybody here formally a Mercedes-Benz VIP Customer...?

    I used to work for a big Mercedes dealer group. On our database were some well known names.. singers, footballers, TV personalities etc. Some were given top models for free for a demo period, circa 6 months or so, just so they could be seen to be driving a Merc.
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    Pagini Zonda

    Slow news day.
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    New buyer looking for info on c63 amg purchase

    I have a silver 2013 coupe if you're interested? One owner before me, 18 months warranty on it still. Full MB history (last done with MOT in August). Loads of options on it, and red leather. just ticked over 60k, but been meticulously looked after mechanically and visually.
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    2013 C63 AMG Coupe - Possibly selling

    Hi all, Due to an imminent career change (airline pilot) I might need to sell my C63 to fund some of the security bond for the training if I can't source the last few thousand I need elsewhere. It's a 2013 (63 plate) C63 coupe, Iridium Silver with the red nappa leather. Just ticked over 60k on...
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Saw this plate for sale on ebay a few months ago. guess you found the buyer!
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    I'm gonna guess blonde, early 20s, running a little mobile business as a beauty therapist or nail technician. Hence the plate.
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    Dealership tried to screw me.. advice on what to do?

    I don't :(. That's what's causing the trouble. Otherwise I'd just do it online.
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    View your driving licence on-line

    How often do you need a pocket-sized periodic table to warrant carrying one everywhere?
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