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    W212 Facelift model-E220 cdi or E250 cdi

    Thanks for the reply Ayeupducks. And so the search begins.
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    W212 Facelift model-E220 cdi or E250 cdi

    Looking for recommendations on both E220 and E250 regarding reliability and economy. Thanks in advance
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Started stripping my W203 C200 Sport Edition if anybody is looking for parts
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    Soft99 - King of Gloss

    Second that, great product from Fusso
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    Exhaust Tip Polish

    A drop of diesel to take the tar and grime off, then Peek or White Diamond metal polish. Worked well on the truck diesel tanks
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    What to do with my 220 - sell or scrap?

    I'm going down the route of breaking my 05 sport edition out for parts. Was a great car for last 8 years but tax system here (€951) for the year leaves little demand for them. By the time I sell the wheels, bumpers spoiler and side skirts, interior and some running gear, it's worth more to me...
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    Broken Wheel Brace

    Thanks for the reply grober. I got it off but got a copper fitting from heating merchants. A little insulation tape on the wheel and was able to get hitting with the hammer. The curve on copper fixing sat on neat and wasn't going to budge
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    Mercedes Specialist in Northern Ireland

    As the title, anybody recommend a specialist in Northern Ireland? Thanks in advance
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    Broken Wheel Brace

    Thanks for the replies lads
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    Broken Wheel Brace

    Have tried that but will spend more time at it. Probably a bit cautious trying not to damage the wheels as I have them sold
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    Broken Wheel Brace

    Has anyone come across the mercedes wheel brace snapping and how to remove it from the stud? It has snapped about 5mm from start of the socket. Any help would be greatly appreciated?
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    W202 wanted

    Thanks for the replies. Was posting for a friend. He did enquire about that one Parisien. He just wanted to see if there was anything else not advertised before he travels across to Uk
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    How can I get Android play to work

    Android Auto app. Blue triangle with smaller white triangle overlapping it.
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    W202 wanted

    Any late w202 c class saloons for sale? Has to be automatic and has to be a sport.
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    What MPG are people getting?

    Car got a terraclean treatment which did show an improvement
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    What MPG are people getting?

    W203 C200 cdi Sport Edition. Manual On a commute to work, 88 mile trip, anything from 58-62 mpg. Since last reset 8000 mile ago, 49.8 mpg average. Car has been remapped from 122bhp to approx 160bhp and has the dpf deleted.
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    Mannheim motor auctions

    They are usually helpful and if you have a lot number and a sale date, they should tell you a sale price. Done it for me before
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    Wtb..w203 spoiler

    Are you still looking for a spoiler?
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    The Hamster strikes again!

    Lucky man
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    W203 17" sports pack wheels and tyres

    Is it the w203 sport edition wheels your after? Staggered 17 inch 5 spoke? May be breaking my sport edition
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