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    w204 Harman/Kardon wiring to door speakers

    There's a wiring diagram on HK audio location and wiring? that appears to show orange, brown/orange coming out of the amp, and getting split into green, brown/green for tweeter, and green, brown/green for bass. Just wondering if anyone knew where exactly that split is?
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    w204 Harman/Kardon wiring to door speakers

    Hi, looking for some help with the wiring from the Harman/Kardon amp in the boot of my w204 to the two door speakers (tweeter and woofer/bass) on the drivers side. I've had a look at the amp in the boot and it looks like there is single orange, brown/orange coming out of there, and I've had a...
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    C63 advice needed

    Interesting article on brakes here by Carroll Smith -Warped- Brake Disc and Other Myths
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    C63 507 Bonnet Conversion

    Can I ask where the parts list came from? I'm looking for a list of parts related to the differential (the standard open and the 471 option locking diff).
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    LSD Aftermarket

    Does the exhaust come off/get cut for a diff installation?
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    C63 castor bolts?

    Does it pull as well (so if you let go of the wheel, it turns by itself in one direction)?
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    AMG LSD retrofit

    Affalterbach will do it on the w204, but Merc UK and two different dealers so far have told me no. Maybe an indie with access to Merc spares? I hear great things about the Quaife.
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    Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on C63

    Micheling website (Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S Tyres | Michelin UK ) only has 1 PS4S tyre at 255/30 for 19inch rims - 255/30 R 19 91 ZR(Y). I put a pair of these on last week, replacing a pair of P Zero Nero GTs (6000miles and through to the chords on the inside shoulders, but still about 2mm...
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    2012 C63 diff oil change

    I've spoken to Sytner Bristol and Sinclair Cardiff about a retrofit of the 471, and both said they wouldn't do it (AMG quite happy to do so, but require a 1500 mile round trip and a few days with the car). Would be interested to know if someone has been carrying out this work.
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    Engine oil Temperature

    Sinclair in Cardiff. I've found mention of a recommendation for 5w40 for the m156 in the c63 on the AMG Private Lounge forum, but that's back in 2008 (pre facelift, pre changes to prevent headbolt issue). Is there anything official?
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    Engine oil Temperature

    Interesting. Can you elaborate on the drain down issue? MB dealer just gave mine a B service and used 0w40 oil. All previous services used 5w40.
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    Mercedes wheel alignment

    Dealer told me that the only adjustment is front toe as standard (via a trackrod adjustment). They said they could fit adjustable bolts to open up other settings as demonstrated in this thread. If camber and caster are not adjustable as standard, does that mean something has either broken, bent...
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    Mercedes wheel alignment

    This applies to the following: Mercedes Benz 204 (C-Class 2007-15) AMG Europe version/USA : M156 03.2011- (Sedan/Wagon/Coupe)
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    Silverstone 17th December

    Cheers guys. What are you guys using to check and alter tyre pressures? I've got an IR thermometer so can check surface temps (but not carcass-need a probe type pyrometer?) across the tyre pretty quickly, presume I don't want to see centre higher than inside and outside? Done a fair bit of...
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    2014 C63 - Clunk when steering and odd noise when driving - Dealer says Driveshaft?

    Europcar Cardiff gave me a GLE350d when my c63 was in last year. It's just been serviced and had a CLA shooting brake for the day from Sinclair.
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    Silverstone 17th December

    Picking up a set of MPS4s rears on Monday as I've eaten the inside shoulders of my P Zero Nero GTs in 6000 miles of mainly TC off road driving. Not done a track day in this yet, but have a couple of quick questions if I may: Firstly, the how long is a piece of string question: Under "normal"...
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    LSD Aftermarket

    Has anyone here retro fitted the oem diff? In another thread here it's mentioned that the w205 non s c63 uses the same Salisbury diff as was an option on the w204, so presume the dealers can get?
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    c63 "Check Engine Oil At Next Refuelling" - looks OK?

    Just repeated Check at next refuelling messages. The dipstick reading did eventually read low, but after putting 1l in it was back just above half way.
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    c63 "Check Engine Oil At Next Refuelling" - looks OK?

    I had two warnings in one day last month-checked it on the flat first time and it was halfway between the markers on the dip. Checked it again later in the day and it was on the low side. 1ltr of Shell Helix 5w40 later and no more warnings.
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    Only asking....

    It's even coming up on a Toyota Yaris in my google search (check out Ackerman and Judder). I've only ever seen it happen at about 5mph in reverse at full lock. I havent got to the lock stops at speed yet (nearly!).
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