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    R129 SL500 restoration

    Inspiring. The finished article looks amazing.
  2. J

    SL Owners register

    R129 SL500 1997 with 76,000 miles. Black Opal, mushroom interior with Panoramic Roof and AMG 18" Mono block wheels
  3. J

    Newly Aquired SL R129

    A very nice looking example. Enjoy!
  4. J

    R129 Headlight wipers standard?

    Thank you Bill good advice. I will double check prior to purchasing. Certainly when I look at numerous images on Google and elsewhere there are many with wipers but at least 10% of what I have seen (presumably sport trim) do not have then. The car I am looking at is a 1997 manufacture year...
  5. J

    R129 Headlight wipers standard?

    Hi All Can anybody tell me if the headlight wipers were standard fit for all R129's, particularly the SL 500 of 1997/8? I have just noticed that the car I am looking to purchase does not have them. Thanks in advance for advice. Regards Johnny
  6. J

    R129 Owners Manuals - PDF format

    Hi All I am getting closer to purchasing an R129 SL 500 (deposit paid). In the meantime I am continuing with my due diligence about the car and thought I'd share my findings in the form of PDF owner manuals. The manuals range from 1990 to 2002 and includes radio manuals. Regards...
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    MBclub Voyeur

    Hi Everyone I have spent the past two weeks on holiday in the south of France with my wife and three girls. Perhaps I am missing some man time but I have been glued to reading as much as I can about R129s particularly the SL 500. Thanks to the great collaboration I have seen thus far I on...
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