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    DPF blocked filter Vito 639

    Hi there I am facing the same issues as pfarre10 - a couple of months after the forced regen, I'm getting the same EM warning light & error codes relating to PDF. Can you advise the best way forward? Wont a DPF delete lead to a possible MOT failure if detected?
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    2013 Vito - Digital Speedo in km/h

    Great thank you. that makes a lot of sense.
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    2013 Vito - Digital Speedo in km/h

    Hi all I have just purchased a 2013 Vito Dualiner. First time I have owned a Mercedes so new to this forum. I'd really like to adjust the on screen display - especially the units of km/h to mph. The handbook describes how to do this - but I can't! any suggestions
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