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    Independents in Aberdeen and the North of Scotland

    It may sound like Sacrilege but Aberdeen Volks Centre at Kingswells look after the oily bits my older alfas very well, also they let you know when you'd be better going elsewhere for stuff (usually electrical trim and cosmetic). I take my 1996 E280 Wagon there.
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    S124 Estate Rear Washer Reservoir grommet

    So on refilling the rear wash reservoir all the fluid fell out as the grommet/gasket under the pump is perished. Is this part available or do I need to buy a new reservoir or pump?
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    Where do I find a good independant garage to look after my 1996 S124 E280 Estate?

    Now that I have finally got my E280 estate back from Japan, who should I Use in Aberdeenshire to look after it?
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