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    White worm in alloys

    Another Mercedss problem that is common across the last 6 years, whitewood within the diamond cut 18" AMG alloys. Normally appears around the centre badge. Covered under warranty jf picked up soon enough.
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    SAM box replacement

    Anyone had failure of their SLK SAM box? My in laws car failed due to corrosion during the fourth year. I ask how can water get into a sealed box? Only time it ever might have been opened is when serviced? MB reckon it's just hardly.
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    2 year old C Class Coupe paint problem!

    Also make sure they are not removing or have removed the I'd psint with paint stripper, that's another non approved technique.
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    2 year old C Class Coupe paint problem!

    Ht appears some Body shops repainted cars with the same psint that had the problem within. Hence the problem will reappear due to adhesion failure.
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    2 year old C Class Coupe paint problem!

    Jensen541 Jensen541. I am unable to send you a private message. Who did you deal with who sorted out the refund offset against your new car due to your Fire Opal red paint problems? Merc are not budging helping us even though our car has had 2 resprays. Thanks
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    2 year old C Class Coupe paint problem!

    Compensation I see one or two people have managed to claim compensation for the issue on resprays. One or two have managed to have their original car purchase price deducted from another new car several years on. Who did you communicate with? My inlaws have a 5 year old "red" SLK that has been...
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