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    change GLE puddle lights from logo projection to normal puddle lights

    Hello! My mom recently upgraded from an ML to a GLE (on my recommendation) and found one night upon unlocking her lovely new automobile that instead of the normal puddle lights - the new GLE projects little Merc logos from the side mirrors... she hates this! Please find attached a picture of...
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    Check engine light + unplugged tube

    Seems to have done the trick. Check engine light has cleared. Anybody know what that components is?
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    Check engine light + unplugged tube

    RE: 2007 W203 C230 Avantgarde Hey folks, wondering if I could pick your brains. My check engine light came on a yesterday so I did as such. When I looked, there's a tube that has been unplugged and I don't know what this component is. I'm sure somebody on here knows. So what is this...
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    Left Mirror, Turn Signal

    Hi there, I have a 2007 C Class (W203) and I received a message on my dash saying "left mirror, turn signal" and when I use my left turn signal, it flashes/clicks quicker than usual. But when I get out and check it, it works perfectly fine. Additional info 1: the outside plastic of the turn...
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