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    W205 retrofit Drivers assistance pack

    Can anyone advise if it is possible to retrofit the drivers assistance pack to a w205 C43. In particular I was looking for the Distronic ACC. Any idea of cost?
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    Headlight adjustment

    im getting a tad annoyed at oncoming drivers flashing me suggesting my headlights are on full beam and today was actually confronted by the driver of car i was following. My headlights are allegedly fully auto and self levelling Xenon all singing all dancing type yet they seem to cause me more...
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    Media Interface

    Thanks for the info. Will probably go for the media interface which I assume can be retro fitted rather than a factory option. The HDD option looks an interesting option
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    Media Interface

    I had a Universal Media Interface in my previous W204 C200 which allowed connection of IPod and view through dash display. Does new 2012 model with Becker Map allow same or do i need to add the new media interface unit?
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    c250 cgi vs c250 cdi facelift 2011 model

    Diesel for me I have driven both petrol and diesel versions of the 250 and i preferred the diesel. The torque of the diesel just keeps on pulling through the acceleration. The diesel is no slouch either, will do 0-60 in 7.1 and 149mph, petrol does same in 7.3 and 148mph.
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    new to MBclub uk

    hello MB members. I have owned a C200 sport cdi (w204) for two years and enjoyed it so much i have just purchased a new C250 estate cdi (w204). Thought i would treat myself to a bit extra oomph! when the right foot goes down. My only negative comment about the MB C class is its inability to move...
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