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    Merdedes-Benz C250 C300 C63 2011-2015 Xenon HEADLIGHT RIGHT SIDE 2048204039

    Merdedes-Benz C250 C300 C63 2011-2015 Xenon HEADLIGHT RIGHT SIDE 2048204039 I had a slight accident in the car about a month ago, there is a small scratch on the headlight glass which is detailed in the picture. The unit works fine and once the scratch has been removed it would be like brand...
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    where to buy a w204 C63 style grill

    Hi, I'm looking for the C63 style grill for my W204 C250 but struggling find one of a good quality. I have tried on the MB parts website but I don't know the part number. Has anyone bought a good quality grill either MB Original or Aftermarket? Thanks Rooble
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    how to clean w204 bumper lights (daytime running lights)

    Hey, I have noticed that the lights in my bumper have some slight discolouring on them, is there a good way to clean them or shall I just replace them? Thanks Roobler
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    jonnymerc - floor matts

    boom, fixed. This post but have tipped me over the 30 number. Thanks
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    jonnymerc - floor matts

    I'm trying to get in-touch with jonnymerc about his floor matts but I cannot direct message him. Am I missing something or can I just not use this site?
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    C63 507 Wheel Refurbishment

    I'm also looking at getting lepsons to do mine, do you have a before and after?
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    Megs Mirror Bright and my 55 :)

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    Washing wheels

    +1 for the Wheel Wollie
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    Valet / Detailing in Ashford/Maidstone?

    Hi, Does anyone know of a good detailer or valet in the Ashford/Maidstone area? Oli
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    milky/film on amg c class sport wheels

    I used a steam cleaner with no product just water and they came out looking pretty good. As for the wheels, it looks like a trip to lepsons is needed sadly.
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    clay bar before or after

    Hi all, So I recently bought a clay bar and some detailing spray and I noticed that unless I really give the residue a good rub I cannot remove it. Does anyone clean their car after using a clay bar just to remove all the leftover spray or do I just need to apply some more elbow grease?
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    vinyl wrap kent?

    Hi all, I'm looking for someone to de-chrome my c-class does anyone know of a car vinyl wrap company in Kent? All I can find is your typical car advertising companies.
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    body repair / spray in Kent?

    thanks all.
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    body repair / spray in Kent?

    Hi All, I'm looking to get my rear bumper resprayed, do you have any recommendations in Kent specifically the Ashford / Dartford / Canterbury area. Happy to drive a little further for a decent job.
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    Late night wish list shopping, I love AMG!!

    Couldn't sleep last night so I started the dangerous job of googling AMG and Mercedes etc. Found this beauty.
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    milky/film on amg c class sport wheels

    Took the car into Canterbury MB, they have taken some photos and should be getting in-touch on Monday. I noticed a brand new set of the wheels on a car and they are a complety different colour, something is seriously wrong with mine. Mine look grey compared to the glossy black on the ones I saw...
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    hand print on w204 door pillar

    where did you get them from?
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    milky/film on amg c class sport wheels

    I will try the MB option first, I didn't have much luck with the staining on my seats.
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    anyone got any before and after pics of lowering?

    Hi All, I'm thinking of lowering my W204 by about 1-2inch however I'm curious if anyone else has had theirs lowered and have any before/after pics? Roobler
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    hand print on w204 door pillar

    You are on a roll today, I never knew you could replace them. Thanks very much :) :bannana::bannana::bannana::bannana:
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