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    Help needed...engine issues

    Found some ..same shape as mine...
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    Help needed...engine issues

    It was just a copper seal of one of the injector. 30 minutes job done by a good specialist and £1.5 seal. That was very easy and now the car runs perfect no flaws. I am thinking in the back of my head for a future 3.5L Petrol's just a thought now any tips or hints?
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    Help needed...engine issues

    Hello gents, I have some serious issues with my 2005 320 CLS V6 Diesel and I would really use some help. Initially few weeks ago the check engine oil at next fueling message kept appearing and when checking the oil level(manually) it was all good. A couple of days after that I had oil all...
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    Spring coil specs

    Well..I have discussed at the dealer ship and they say that the car was fitted on request by the factory with the sport suspension. What they recommended was to change the springs to same height springs, but more rigid. Will update you once they call me be with their version.
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    Cls 320 c219

    Hello, I am looking for some details for the following change on a 320 CLS C219. DPF removal(weld a pipe and map it). EGR removal. Catalyst removal and map. Has any of you made any of these changes and if please advice. I will like to them all at once. [trying to get as much as I...
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    Spring coil specs

    Hello, Can anyone provide a list with the specs(dimensions) for the spring coils. On my CLS 320(C219) the suspension is lowered, that is how I bought the car, but it is a bit soft. I would like to change the springs, but could use some help build them springs.
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    w219 Brake Upgrade...?

    Hi mate, I have recently bought EBC pads and discs for my C219 and they work fantastic. Link below from where i got my pads.
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    Remap or not to Remap

    How does the remapping affects your insurance gents?
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    CLS 320 (C219) metallic front end sound

    Hello, Can you help me with the following matter. Recently a metallic knock sound started every now and than on my 55 Reg cls 320. It sound like a mechanical sound, metallic knock. Could be the mechanics but tested them and no issues there.(front end mechanics changes 8 months ago)...
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    CLS Comand software W219

    Hello, Does anyone know a way of updating my maps for my W219 2006 320 CLS. Would be interested to have cams on the nav if possible. The maps DVD I have is the original one that came with the car. Cez.
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