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  1. benzboss

    Low miles owners be quick .... Cls55 Amg

    Yeah I watched the second video the other day; 'the godfather of AMGs' is what got me, nice to hear 😂
  2. benzboss

    Low miles owners be quick .... Cls55 Amg

    100%, while the w211 design is aging very well, I think it's the status of the two legendary engines that are to encourage their market value... Still very underrated cars for the money imo..
  3. benzboss

    Low miles owners be quick .... Cls55 Amg

    Yeah starting to see a lot of nice e55s pop up too, especially on auto trader. I’ve got a good feeling that w211 amgs soon will have their day; good examples are fetching some strong money already.
  4. benzboss

    Stirling Moss 1st owner R129 SL500 on 90k miles. Auction est £12k ?

    Lovely SL :thumb: Provenance is definitely there too. Not as famous as Stirling's other R129, but this one was in danz benz's collection (obtained through H&H aswell to my knowledge) for a long time up until recently where it popped up for sale for I think 40 grand but don't quote me on that...
  5. benzboss

    W210 E430 wagon, rare colour?

    Looks a clean car!
  6. benzboss

    W123 Crayford convertible

    1,550 in the end, god only knows how much will need to be planted to make this mint (probably a lot considering crayford bits were one off production and whatnot.. will require a lot of work I’d assume) ..but since it’s such a rare car seems worth it for the right person!
  7. benzboss

    Welcome to all Benzes, big, small or medium-sized

    How was it? Saw some photos on Instagram, some really interesting motors.. (like 5 OUP w100 and that widebody Stratton 320ce) Had this show in mind but unfortunately couldn’t make it, any good ens besides what’s listed as ‘special cars on display’? Take any nice pics?
  8. benzboss

    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    It’s a stinger that Bobby d :thumb: :thumb: Them smart roadsters are pretty!
  9. benzboss

    Arrgh, My Eyes !!

    This is a good way of putting it too.. Very much so :thumb: I don’t know if I like it, it’s certainly unique.
  10. benzboss

    Arrgh, My Eyes !!

    Looks like SpongeBob on wheels (and slightly obese) :crazy:
  11. benzboss

    Meet some fun

    Do remember you mentioning something about having a look and wanting an SLK at BOTG, glad you found the one for you, and a proper lovely one at that.. :thumb: As the others also say, a lovely way to remember your late dad. Congratulations fabes; and enjoy it :)
  12. benzboss

    W123 Crayford convertible

    Got a bit curious so did a bit of bedtime browsing.. Crayford Convertible Car Club - Mercedes Benz Interesting read. Turns out that the St Tropez w123 at the time was a low production car (as expected) but also a best seller.. Crayford club also state only one St Tropez is known to them, so...
  13. benzboss

    126 SEC - Rust and respray question

    Seems it! But I agree with the lot, I think that smoke silver is a very unusual color.. In that in very rarely looks silver; it is more gold ish. I’ve grown to like it, don’t think it’s a bad colour tbh. Looks especially nice, in my opinion, on the w201s.. Especially cossies 😉
  14. benzboss

    W123 Crayford convertible

    Bloody hell. These crayford converted motors are rare things, but this particular one not my cuppa personally, w116 estates and SEL 6.3 (one of their most famous conversions I think) of which i've attached photos have to be some of my favourites, nonetheless, Interesting old motor this and I'd...
  15. benzboss

    W211 E55 for 7.5k Seems the blokes got another E55 for sale and somehow this one’s just as bad looking, if not worse. 😂 E55s are great cars tho...
  16. benzboss

    Rare colour SL55AMG

    Do agree that light leather would suit this.. Cream, white or even a nice oxblood. 😅
  17. benzboss

    Rare colour SL55AMG

    That was the color I had in mind too, was gonna say titanite red, but think that is a bit lighter? I saw a titanite e55 for sale a bit back so that’s why that sprung to mind.. Nice spot mate 👍🏽 As for what it’s worth or what I’d reckon it would do, SL55 prices are all over from what I’ve...
  18. benzboss


    Cracking day out, thank you to Olly for putting on a great show, and everybody else who made the day so great; was lovely to meet and get to know a lot of you. :thumb:and the weather was lush so that was a massive plus. Something to look forward to next year! ;) Attached a couple of photos...
  19. benzboss


    Friday evening for us too. We hope to be setting off from Leeds (me and smoothcoupe) at around 10.. Check in at hotel is at 3, so hope to chill out for a bit and then come and meet up with whoever’s about.. 👍🏽 Where do yous who are in Horndean plan on meeting up? Look forward to seeing you all...
  20. benzboss

    The Bowl

    Seems alright that, might be one to look at..
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