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    Have You Seen Any Interesting Cars On The Road Lately?

    Saw a 203 C Class AMG 220 yesterday!
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    What is your job?

    Mixed practice Veterinary Surgeon until retired 4 years ago.
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    Rubbing noise when turning right under power and faint vibration

    I would go with the footbrake cable clips as well
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    Scotland Road Trip

    Pretty sure there is a sign a the bottom saying not to take motorhomes or caravans up that road (there certainly used to be).
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    W204 eco mode switch does nothing

    If the battery is quite low, eg not driven for a while or battery disconnected, can take a reasonable drive before the button will light up and usually needs an engine restart then a further charge for the eco to turn green
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    Scotland Road Trip

    It's a nice drive there for us for a lunch in the pub then home again.
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    Scotland Road Trip

    There is a caravan site in Applecross, but people are expected to access it from the north side and not via the pass with a caravan or motorhome.
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    Scotland Road Trip

    The pub has just been refurbished and is now back open again.
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    Scotland Road Trip

    Too early in the season for midges
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    C class rear subframe corrosion W204 - 2024 update!

    Any idea of what month in 2013 it was sorted please?
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    Advice regarding driving to France and Switzerland

    Would your range anxiety be different for example driving to Austria via the autobahns at 130mph as a good number of people I know do (their comments are even at 130mph there is always someone trying to get past them)
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    Advice regarding driving to France and Switzerland

    I agree with that, would still do the trip just would be less convenient.
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    Advice regarding driving to France and Switzerland

    see my later message re why I'm doing it in a oner.
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    Advice regarding driving to France and Switzerland

    Because I can't drop the dog off at the Kennels till after 9.00am and I want to be at my cousins house before teatime for a chat before dinner. Might have to give in for toilet stop now I have got a bit older but didn't use to.
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    Advice regarding driving to France and Switzerland

    one way, South Yorkshire and back up at the end of the week
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    Advice regarding driving to France and Switzerland

    Not v good if you live where I do, have to stick to ICE for a bit especially as I have 2 trips next week of 444 miles which I plan on doing without stopping.
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    E Class Convertible - What's it like living with one?

    The rear camera is a great help as rear visibility with the roof up isn't great. DAB I also use most of the time.
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    C32 AMG with 32K on the clock, No reserve!

    Loved mine too but couldn't stop the rotting wheel arches, gave up after doing them twice. However it is now back in the South of England looking really good, see pics of it now and again in the Merc club mag at some meets down there.
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    W212 350d 2016 engine/gearbox noise

    Pulley as above
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    A35 AMG - thinking of getting one

    have a look at the Amg a35 owners thread, that may help
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