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    My girls

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  5. Cornishcowboy

    C43 steering.

    Thanks for your comments, I bought my C43 on 9500 miles with P zero runflats probably 60% worn. The skipping when cold on full lock was bad and like yours disappeared once warmed but as I needed full lock to get out of the drive it was too bad to put up with. Yes the MB dealer denied a problem...
  6. Cornishcowboy

    C43 steering.

    Thanks, yes as you say irritating at best!
  7. Cornishcowboy

    C43 steering.

    C43 (2021) on full lock is juddery, is this down to all wheel drive or something else. only happens on full lock at walking pace, otherwise steering is perfect.y normal. any thoughts welcomed.
  8. Cornishcowboy

    Fault readers

    Does anyone use the icarsoft fault readers, are they a worthwhile investment?
  9. Cornishcowboy

    R172 SLC Engineering mode volume adjustment

    Thanks again Phil, I’ve changed both offsets to +2 and the phone to stereo……problem seems to be sorted! Volumes acceptable I can now hear folk. brilliant. 👍🏻👍🏻
  10. Cornishcowboy

    R172 SLC Engineering mode volume adjustment

    Thanks mate, when I have a mo later I’ll try your recommendations. 👍🏻
  11. Cornishcowboy

    R172 SLC Engineering mode volume adjustment

    thank you, I’ll have a read. where though is the pairing menu on iPhone 12?
  12. Cornishcowboy

    R172 SLC Engineering mode volume adjustment

    Volumes on both phone and audio are low, need volume turned almost to max to use phone on Bluetooth, can adjust easily on old C class but can’t figure this one out.
  13. Cornishcowboy

    R172 SLC Engineering mode volume adjustment

    Does anyone know how to adjust the audio/phone volumes in engineering mode? I have accessed EM and can go to volume settings but for the life of me I cannot see how to adjust them, any suggestions welcomed please. car is a 2016 SLC 200 R172
  14. Cornishcowboy

    SLC 200

    Anyone know if the SLC 200‘s have the same rear subframe corrosion issues that previous SLK’s had please?
  15. Cornishcowboy

    Central locking

    Central locking has failed on passenger door, locks drivers side and boot etc but won’t lock / unlock passenger side. slk200 R171 any ideas please?
  16. Cornishcowboy

    W203 Gearbox Problems

    Have a C270 which normally goes like a rocket, recent problem though, no go above 2000 revs thought it was turbo problem but your reset (above) has restored the rocket so Thanks bud.
  17. Cornishcowboy

    Slk 200 collapsable spare

    Thank you for your thoughts, I have to admit when I first saw the spare I thought what a bloody silly idea, as you say there’s insufficient room to carry the flat or replace the spare, useless. Good idea of yours, I shall purchase a can soon as.
  18. Cornishcowboy

    Slk 200 collapsable spare

    Have recently purchased slk 200 R171 which has collapsable spare wheel, sticker on the wheel says I should have short bolts for steel wheel but I don’t have any......are they special bolts or will any short bolt do please?
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