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  1. Gazwould

    Wheel Refurb, What Colour?

    Importantly what colour is your car .
  2. Gazwould

    W212 E350 'Sport' Springs - MB or Bilstein?

    I got a Starline coil spring from ECP and was pleasantly surprised .
  3. Gazwould

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Had a Sealey 6.5 L extractor for years , was filling right up to capacity of the OM651 which is 6.5L poured out a bit and tried again only to find it was on point . It was doing blow jobs on 3 cars sometimes twice a year , the bottom seal has gone now but I've got my £ out of it . Will...
  4. Gazwould

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    2143cc OM651 ?
  5. Gazwould

    Close Encounter Of The Unexpected Kind

    Yes have stood a few feet away once when five were drinking tree sap from a bark wound .
  6. Gazwould

    Close Encounter Of The Unexpected Kind

    You should see the size of a European Hornet Saw this dead one several years ago , see them every year now especially around September .
  7. Gazwould

    E250 or E350 CDI Estate

    The facelift BMW F11 5 series estate is definitely worth a look .
  8. Gazwould

    W204 eco mode switch does nothing

    Too many prerequisites and that thing when operational is a wrecking ball .
  9. Gazwould

    W204 audio 20 upgrade

    Then there is the poor rear door speakers on both pre and facelift is a diabolical fake tweeter trim in the top of the door card . And to top it off Mercedes cost cutters actually down graded the speaker to just a mid in the FACELIFT 🤔
  10. Gazwould

    Rivet size for W204 rear door panel

    Wow , so it's bad enough having a fake tweeter grill in the top of the door card, but I've now concluded that Mercedes in the FACELIFT W204 / S204 model down graded the rear door speaker from a mid with a bridge housing an angled up tweeter making it a coaxial to just a mid 😔
  11. Gazwould

    Rivet size for W204 rear door panel

    Slightly off topic... but is yours a pre facelift model ?
  12. Gazwould

    Tyre size?

    Except it isn't useful , it's misleading. If you physically have the two different sizes side by side and real world measure I promise you a different outcome.
  13. Gazwould

    the watch corp

    Which Hugo Boss watch ?
  14. Gazwould

    New To Me E220?

    The 1950cc OM654 is fine if the miles are low and annual mileage is small , some amazing mpg figures . Higher mileage and the chocolate melts 😔
  15. Gazwould

    EGR system removal.

    They want to both test NOx tail pipe and the performance of the NOx control systems on the car at the same time . So it's going to be a while .
  16. Gazwould

    EGR system removal.

    Me ignore , never.... It's quite some time off and just an idea at the moment where as Particulate Number testing is already up and running in other countries and will be here soon .
  17. Gazwould

    EGR system removal.

  18. Gazwould

    EGR system removal.

    They are not going to check for NOx soon it will Particulate Number .
  19. Gazwould

    EGR system removal.

    It does matter who in particular breathes the most NOx because the gubberment is lying to you !
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