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    Parking at Heathrow Term 3

    While I don't have a cherished car, I still am very careful parking at Heathrow. I no longer ever use valet parking or any parking where the keys don't go with me. I often use the short stay for convenience but in reality lots use it for quick pick ups etc. This means there is more chance of...
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    2019 C63s cost of gearbox oil and rear diff: independent v main dealer

    looking on ECP the Brembo front and rear pads would com to about £150. Famous eBay main dealer selling genuine MB pads set for almost £1.5k! I must be missing something. There can't be such a huge differential
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    2019 C63s cost of gearbox oil and rear diff: independent v main dealer

    based in SE London. Have used MB Dartford and MB Southend for works but nothing in the independent space as of yet
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    2019 C63s cost of gearbox oil and rear diff: independent v main dealer

    Ballpark figures what would be a fair price for changing the gearbox oil and rear diff after 36k on a newt me facelift C63s Interested in knowing what the differential might be from independent to main dealer. Oddly Ive asked at 2 main dealers and they just didnt seem keen at all, basically...
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    Reduction in main dealer service pricing

    Interesting thread. Just had an A service (year5). Dartford quote was about £540. Sounthend was £376.
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    Basic A service w204 c63 with no extra items due

    well it went to Southend. £370 on a 2019 C63s A service (the third A). Pads still at 4mm all round. Great service and a quick stop
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    Basic A service w204 c63 with no extra items due

    I purchased a C63s 2019 1y ago. it had a problem which the selling dealer had to pay for. All the work was done at MB Dartford. They were excellent. Knew their AMG's. Repair price wasn't too bad. I had prices estimates for transmission oil change etc which were reasonable. So I'm kinda...
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    Do you clean your microfibre drying cloths?

    What detergent?
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    Do you clean your microfibre drying cloths?

    So are these machine washable?
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    C43 to C63

    I had a 2017 C43 from new. Moved to a W205 faclifted C63s this year. The C43 was great. All season driving. 4matic was a big plus point. Great performance. AMG exhaust was so loud and easy to enjoy in normal driving. The C63s is a different beast. I would not take it out n snow personally. I...
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    W210 E class totally dead; how to bring back to life

    So it’s not like a VW where the belt going is like catastrophic? Seems this belt runs multiple systems including PAS. AC etc.
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    W210 E class totally dead; how to bring back to life

    Ok, sorry for late reply. New battery in place. Started first time. Power setting mega stiff. Needed to move it about 10m. After that, opened the bay. Serpentine belt is shredded. Need to have that replaced. Does this mean the head gasket may have blown?
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    Mercedes stalk controls - Why everything on one?

    I’ve known people develop mobility issues in left arm and struggle driving. Easy in a merc
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    Mercedes-AMG Is Bringing the V8 Back to C63 and E63 by 2026: Report

    The factory floor in Affalterbach making the 4pot is astonishing. It’s about the most advanced engine assembly floor in existence. Huge investment. I’d be surprised if it does not continue
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    Mercedes Museum Stuttgart

    Just gotta get this off my chest. Went to MB museum with fam. Generally takes a lot to impress me. I have to say this place is amazing. Jaw dropping. One of the best curated museums I’ve ever been to! The history of MB intertwined with the history of the world. Every fam member was just...
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    European driving tour car security

    great tips. Got a stoplock pro elite from Halfords. Strategy is faraday pouch, double click fob to disable wifi. Really like the stat position 3 tip.
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    European driving tour car security

    So you’re taking your V8 AMG through several EU countries over a week or two. You’re staying in a range of hotels as the tour progresses. Some dates parking car and going on a hike or boat trip etc So any security tips? Other than faraday pouch. What about steering wheel locks etc. welcome...
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    Buying advice wanted

    C43 saloon. Had one for several years. Amazing car. Probably best all round package ever. With performance exhaust sounds amazing inside and outside. Really quick. In normal UK road use you can push it and feel the full force of its performance and sound capability while not losing your license...
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