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    C63 - M156 or M177??

    I’ve owned both. Get the older engine if you’re into the classic/vintage thing. Get the newer one if you’re into performance/driving. Both have their place depending on what you’re looking for.
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    Meet “Boris”

    Thanks for the write up. Based on this I would never use CC.
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    New Silver Trim Available (or Repairable?)

    Does anyone know if it is possible to buy or repair the slim, curvy silver trim which goes around the front storage hole (with the AMG text on it) in this picture? Thanks in advance.
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    Used AMG with undocumented Ghost Immobiliser fitted

    Some strange posting in here for sure. But back on topic …. what does “undocumented” mean? Did the previous owner not declare the Ghost to the selling dealership? If so how does the car get started? Or did the previous owner sell the car to the dealership having put the car in valet mode? Or...
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    My thoughts too. When I see mileage figures I’m not thinking “engine” I’m thinking “seat bolsters”.
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    cash or finance? how did you finance yours?

    If the % finance cost is less than the % earned on cash/savings (as it often is) then paying with cash is daft. If the % finance cost is more than the % earned on cash/savings (as it sometimes is) then using finance is daft. Simple maths.
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    Interesting vid, new M3 vs new RS4 vs old C63s

    Clear conclusion from this is that the old C63 battered the other two on everything but the standing start test and the brake test. The BMW in 2WD mode looked rubbish!
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    2 attempted thefts time to move on?

    They don’t just want performance cars though. They will take anything. So called “pool” cars - non-descript average 4 door cars which will fly under the radar when dealing drugs - are just as targeted and desirable for them. My neighbour’s 69 plate Mazda hatchback was targeted in the summer and...
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    E63 AMGS Engine Seizure

    Me too. You could argue there is an opportunity cost in the business if his employees are working on his personal car, but in cash terms I reckon it cost him £200 per day - and I doubt Namz is too fussed about the finer details of management accounting techniques. I liked following this GT63S...
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    Weekend pleasure car to complement your AMG?

    Thanks to all contributors so far, I’ve loved seeing these cars. My personal favourites so far are @Cyclone1 ‘s Fiat 20VT Coupe and @kcsun ‘s RS4 but there are many more to admire in here. I thought I was mad when I bought my Corrado as a weekend pleasure toy but this thread has made me feel...
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    Which grade of fuel should be used in AMG's?

    Agree. Just get a Shell V-Power loyalty card and put nowt else in.
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    Which grade of fuel should be used in AMG's?

    Agree with this. I didn’t know Esso did a 99 now though. Good to know.
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    Weekend pleasure car to complement your AMG?

    I’ve given some thought to an SLK too. I’m 6’3” though and thought I’d read somewhere that the seats are pretty un-adjustable in them? Hoping this is wrong as I’d like to give one a go some day.
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    Weekend pleasure car to complement your AMG?

    Yeah I have those factory fit 6 spoke Solitudes on mine. The Speedlines in your pic were for the standard VR6. Both are great wheels. My car is 100% OEM as it left the factory in Osnabruck in 1995 - I agree it could be modded but that’s not an option for me with this car. I want to keep it...
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    Weekend pleasure car to complement your AMG?

    Lovely example! Prices for Corrados are on the up. Sharp examples are selling for £20k+ and the rarer ones (like my Storm) are in demand if the provenance is good. The prices for fast Fords (RS Turbos, Cosworths etc) seems to have peaked but I think (hope) that classic fast VWs are the next in...
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    Weekend pleasure car to complement your AMG?

    Never driven a JCW but 20 years or so ago (yikes) my girlfriend had a manual R53 Cooper S (supercharged) which was a hoot. I crashed it - more than once - wringing the absolute life out of it. Superb car. I wanted to track it at Oulton Park but she wouldn’t let me ….
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    Weekend pleasure car to complement your AMG?

    Superb machine (and photo).
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    Weekend pleasure car to complement your AMG?

    Funny you should mention next gen. There is a new Gran Turismo film coming out soon and the car in the commercial is a Corrado. Strange choice given they were discontinued nearly 30 years ago but I think they have somehow found their way to be cool to next genners.
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    Weekend pleasure car to complement your AMG?

    Haha yeah - a pet hate of mine too. Think this was on the M6 Toll at dawn so ….. normal rules were out of the window!
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    Weekend pleasure car to complement your AMG?

    No - you can get RHD Corrado G60s. It may have been the Golf G60 that was only LHD? Not sure …
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