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  1. erdnase

    Vehicle inspection report E200 coupe

    Rewatched Mercedes video and Front pads are 4mm and rear 3mm disks 29.1mm .They say 30mm is the manufacturer minimum. They do say a light will come on when pads need changed. Question really is how long. Thanks to all for the replies
  2. erdnase

    Vehicle inspection report E200 coupe

    This a list of work Mercedes recommended for my car after it’s been serviced. What do you think an independent should charge . Plus how long till the work really needs to be done.. Include 1- Safety Critical Brakes Cost Front Brake Pads 208.02 GBP Front Brake Discs...
  3. erdnase

    Recommendations for new set tyres

    Thanks for update on Goodyear tyres. I’ve just ordered a set and will have them fitted as soon as they arrive. If I can get 15000 miles out of them i’d be delighted. That would be double what I got out of the continental tyres.
  4. erdnase

    Recommendations for new set tyres

    Yes I do have 19 inch rims and will have a look at Michelin. Meanwhile just had my car serviced. Seems my tyres have a little more life left than I thought according to the Mercedes Dealer. Still couple months new tyres.
  5. erdnase

    Recommendations for new set tyres

    Ok having looked at various tyres Goodyear Asymmetric 3 seem to be good deal at Costco and get good reviews. Any idea what sort of mileage I should expect? Thanks for all the replies to my question.
  6. erdnase

    Recommendations for new set tyres

    Whats sort of mileage do you get from Goodyear , Falken or Michelin tyres .
  7. erdnase

    Recommendations for new set tyres

    Thanks I have the Continetals on my car ,factory fitted but hoping to get more mileage out a different brand.
  8. erdnase

    Recommendations for new set tyres

    Time for a new set of tyres for my 2016 E200 E Class Coupe any recommendations.?
  9. erdnase

    Recently Purchased Used 2014 E220 (W207) Coupe 32k Miles / SRS Warning Dealer Says Drive ?

    I had problems with a CLK I bought back in 2008, seemed to me the warranty had a lot of escape clauses. Consider the MB warranty a free extra and may help but the real protection is the Sale Of Goods Act and don't take no for an answer.
  10. erdnase

    Are Insurance Companies ripping us off?

    Churchill renewal price £660 , quick look on money supermarket £478 . I did call them to see if they would match or do a better deal. No dice so best shop around.
  11. erdnase

    Disappointed by MB

    I've had all my Mercedes Serviced by an independent after the warranty expired. No huge bills and I had no trouble selling them when I changed cars . In fact I sold my 190E back in 1998 after 7 years trouble free driving for £2500 more than Mercedes offered me. I think the first 2 years I had it...
  12. erdnase


    Tried various shampoos and so far found Britemax Clean Max pH Balanced Vehicle Shampoo to be excellent. Also use angelwax snow foam before I wash the car which produces an amazing amount of snow foam.
  13. erdnase

    Merc E class (W213) Service Plan cost.?

    Yes I pay £37 pounds a month for my E200 coupe which I started about 7 months after I bought the car. I did mulll it over as I was not really keen to be on a monthly plan. It does include the automatic transmission fluid change and a free loan car.
  14. erdnase

    A207 E class auto "Hold" on footbrake

    I had the same question with my E Class coupe after I bought it last year . I found on a hill it works without a problem . On a level surface for me it very hit or miss , occasionally it works. The question I asked here last year was how far do you press the pedals and the replies I got where...
  15. erdnase

    Do dealerships give gifts?

    After 26 years of dealing with Mercedes I've never had a gift, though I did negotiate two free services when they built me the wrong car in 1998. I asked for this in writing and when opened the letter which I collected it said one service which they had to change to two.
  16. erdnase

    Costco Fuel

    I try and avoid supermarket petrol as noticed years ago my 190E did not seem start as quickly with supermarket petrol. Not a huge difference but I noticed it .
  17. erdnase

    Mercedes Trye Dressing Brand

    Finish Kare Top Kote Tire Dressing gets good reviews and think I'll order it up, seems it also has other uses as well
  18. erdnase

    Mercedes Trye Dressing Brand

    After reading a few reviews I was think 3M tyre dressing anybody tried it?
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