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    What coolant for 1979 450 SL R107

    Hi I have just got hold of a 1979 450 SL which has been garaged for 10 years. I am changing all of the fluids but not sure what coolant to use? Can anyone point me in the right direction!
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    SL320 wanted

    Hi looking for an SL320 94/95/96 ish have cash available Am in Essex, but will travel for a good one. Steve
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    CLK Convertible 320 wanted

    I am looking for a reasonably low mileage CLK in Essex area for sale. preferably a 320 but will look at the bigger engines if available. Have £3500
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    190e 2.5 or 2.3 Help!

    Hi Mike, do you have the website address? kindest regards Steve
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    190e 2.5 or 2.3 Help!

    Thanks Charles, if you know of any let me know! Steve
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    190e 2.5 or 2.3 Help!

    Hi Charles, about £8000 budget regards Steve
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    190E Body panels

    Could anyone tell me where to get 190E Front wings please? In the Essex area if possible Thanks Steve
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    Alloy reconditioning

    Thanks to everyone for your help. Steve
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    250CDI leak!

    Got a problem with my 3 year old C250 CDI keeps losing water coolant! I have had it repaired once by MB main dealers but it is still loosing water Is this a common fault? Any help would be great.
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    Alloy reconditioning

    Does anyone know though if this is a common problem as the wheels haven't been curbed and they are only 3 years old. The corrosion is not great!
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    Alloy reconditioning

    Thanks everyone for your help. Beno. speaking to JP as the nearest
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    Alloy reconditioning

    Does anyone know of a good wheel reconditioned in the Colchester area? My wheels on my c250 (2012) are badly pitted. Is this a common problem with these wheels?
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    190e 2.5 or 2.3 Help!

    I am looking to buy a Cosworth and wondered if anyone had advice on what to look for with either the 2.3 or the 2.5. Thanks in advance if you do!
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    190e Cosworth wanted

    I am looking to buy a 190e either 2.3 or 2.5 I am in Essex so please contact if you have one for sale. Steve
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    560 SEC Exhaust

    Can anyone recommend a good after market exhaust system supplier in UK Dont want to pay Merc prices if possible 1990 560 SEC:bannana:
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    560 SEC ABS shudder!!

    Thanks dieselman, has anyone got a circuit diagram for the sensors/hubs etc. thanks steve
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    560 SEC ABS shudder!!

    This has only just started on my 1990 560 sec. when i brake normally and just as i am pulling to a stop the ABS fires a couple of times so it judders as I come to a halt. After a while the ABS light comes on runs fine with the ABS not connected. Any ideas what this could be please?
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    Good Mechanic Colchester

    are there any good merc mechanics in Colchester or surrounding area for my 560SEC ta steve
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    Good Mechanic wanted!!

    Does anyone know of a good mercedes mechanic in the Colchester/Ipswich area. 560 SEC thanks all in anticipation
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    560 Sec

    thanks To everyone anymore comment would be great. any good mechanics essex kent for this car. regards steve
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