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    Please help. Gearbox issue. 😩

    Most probable eletro plate replace pilot bush at same time very common failure part
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    e55 amg suspension pump

    Hi yes have relay will need to find were and what one it is thanks for reply
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    e55 amg suspension pump

    Hi does replacement suspension compressor require "star" to install mine is now quite loud in use thanks
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    steering fluid

    Thanks yes I checked spec and is fine shows mb quality its first time to top up in 11 years
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    steering fluid

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    steering fluid

    its red thanks for reply
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    steering fluid

    Hi e55 amg w211 checked steering fluid level and is at bottom what fluid is needed is it auto trans fluid thanks
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    Can speed humps really do this ?

    Had this on my e430 a/garde few years back same result found inside of tyre flexed rubbed on suspension under load cornering mine was more on front than rear tyres
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    CKS Performance AVOID!

    I have used cks on several occasions and had no problems found that they are polite and information correct as said there are two sides ps Ihave know connection to cks only as a customer
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    e55 finned cooler rear axle

    Guess I will have to drive a bit slower then (ha ha) until I replace my broken one Thanks for all your replies.
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    e55 finned cooler rear axle

    Wanted finned cooler plate which bolts on bottom of rear axle part no A230 351 17 08 to fit 2004 e55k estate or price new thanks
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    C55 wants to stall and sometimes it does.

    Hi I was informed that after change of air filters on e55/e63 star has to reset engine management system however I don't think this would cause cutting out of engine
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    S210 fuel hose

    Hi think you will possibly find this is part of MB recall notice they failed quite often check if still applies to your motor believe applies to s class and e55s 210/211
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    E55 W211 Front Passenger seat not wokring

    Hi have you checked main battery as I have found e55s to require good voltage for extras to work ie if battery a bit low sun roof stops half-way quick run to charge all ok MB designed to shut down extras to protect electronics worth a check but I would of thought both seat would not work
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    Best front brake disks and pads?

    brakes Use mb prices ok (no dust or noise)check dealer for offers
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    1989, 15,000kms 420 SEL Engine Problem

    Fuel filter/fuel line restriction possible fuel pump failure soon
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    E55 Fuel Smell

    At rear right hand side engine there is return fuel breather pipe where it changes from metal(alloy) to plastic/rubber hose these can slip apart giving petrol smell without a leak at times VERY strong and can enter cab via top vent Pipe is just by rear cylinder ignition coils hope this helps
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    What car did you pass your driving test in?

    driving test Passed test in 1964 in "dads" Austin a40 farina done hgv few years later
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    Quaife atb for my e55

    quaife dif Can I ask where you purchased dif from and what price thanks
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    W211 Estate - Source For Keyless Go Door Handles

    Handles Dealer only easy to fit
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