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    CLK Road speed tapping noise

    Brilliant - thanks for the replies - will report back when Ive checked it
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    CLK Road speed tapping noise

    So I've got this annoying road speed tapping noise. Its intermittent, doesnt occur at low or high speeds, is worse when left side is loaded (roundabouts etc). Its not the wheel bearing as I've changed it, its not a stone in the tyre. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Dashboard Clicking & Seat Warning fixes

    Are there any cheap fixes to these 2 common problems with the W209 CLK: 1) Clicking behind dashboard on start up from the airblower start up process (am ok to lose the directability on the air blowers just dont want to get into taking the dahsboard out) 2) "lock Passenger seat" warning. Theres...
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    Suspension expert in/near Kent

    CLK500 2004. Can anyone recommend a garage who can do a great job on diagnosing & refreshing (maybe upgrading) the suspension on my CLK in or near Kent? Got too many squeaks and slackness but dont want to just use my regular local garage. Thanks
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    CLK 2004 Is plastic bumber weldable?

    Wife has stuck towbar through my bumper and local bodyshop is saying that Mercedes bumpers are made out of a different plastic that is not plastic weldable like other makes, or is more difficult in some way. Is that correct or nonsense? Thanks!
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    CLK500 W209 suspension refresh

    Codger - I'm down in Kent too (Cranbrook) who did you use for the work?
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    CLK500 W209 suspension refresh

    Thanks Horatio - what did you end up replacing? I know most cars part parts like drop links, ARBs etc that are weakpoints, just wondering what the CLKw209's are.
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    CLK500 W209 suspension refresh

    CLK500 2004 (facelift) Elegance Hi - after some advice please. I hit a pothole and broke my front spring :-( so obviously I need a new one and just wondering what I should get done at the same time: - 2 new front springs - do I go OEM? I want a smooth ride but wouldn't mind something a little...
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    CLK W208 Audio Queries

    Thanks for the input but not sure how just moving to a double DIN will help me? The 8"sub in the rear seats is wired by 2 sets of green/brown wires. Is this somehow Sub specific wiring or it just treated like another ordinary speakeer? Thanks
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    CLK W208 Audio Queries

    Have done a lot of searching on this topic. I have a yr2001 CLK convertible with Audio 10 - non Bose, I think. Photos of the sub are below. One of my front door speakers has blown and the sub is useless. The whole things sounds slightly muddy, but I am on a very tight budget to upgrade. -...
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    W208 CLK 320 Suspension refresh - what to replace?

    Resurrecting my own old thread. I jacked my car and wiggled the wheels side to side - there is a lot of play side to side. But i only replaced my complete steering drag link about 30k miles ago - is this normal? Also are there different drag links for the CLK200/230 than for the 320? Looking...
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    w208 CLK320 Gearbox Oil

    I have bought dipstick to check the auto box oil levels clk 320 (yr 2000). When I put it in, it goes in and then hits something "springy" and I can push in a little further. Should I be measuring the level at the top without pushing the extra against the springiness? Thanks
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    W208 CLK 320 Suspension refresh - what to replace?

    My Clk320 (yr2000) at 100,000 miles is feeling a bit loose at the front end and ride and handling not what they used to be so want to do a refresh - what needs replacing? Shocks - (any OK budget alternatives to Bilstein?) Lower control arm - bushes and ball joint Track rod ends. Steering damper...
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    w208 CLK320

    Hi - I am hoping you can help with some advice... I have a w208 CLK320 2001 which has 18" which I think are "pretend" split rims but are in the style of the AMG ones. One has been damaged and I find the ride very harsh so thing of changing to 17". Will the ride noticeably improve? Can...
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    w208 Parrot installation help

    I am am having problems installing my Parrot 3100 evo in my yr2000 clk with non-BOSE Audio 10. Basically it all plugs in nicely but the the parrot does not power on - basically nothing happens.... I have tried running a power line from the cigar lighter but nothing changes. Any clues on...
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    W208 CLK facelift steering wheel buttons required

    I am after some grey ones - do you have any? if so how much? Al
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