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    Tyre kit inflator + sealant

    It certainly won’t stick at all. The chemical makeup of the sealant creates a film on the inner face of the tyre, that is rather slimy. Gallons of buffing cleaner won’t clear it. You can’t burr the tyre down to virgin rubber either, as due to the sliminess you just spin it deeper into the rubber...
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    ESL dread… costs?

    Yeah, the scalextrick motor . . . As soon as I saw that on some forums and realised just how much of a fisting I got due to a part that likely costs same as a pint, I, . . . I . . . , well, the neighbours cat won’t come near me any more, let’s just say that, lol. Car wash was unexpected, as the...
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    Do W204's Have Front Caster Adjustment? (Car Still Tracking Left Badly After Hunter Alignment)

    OP picture is a Hunter printout. Any sections that are greyed out mean that Hunter doesn’t have the settings for that particular make or model, or that that particular field is non adjustable.
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    Wheel alignment (what about steering wheel?)

    Hunter saves all SAVED jobs, so as long as they completed the job (on screen the operator has to click the ‘file drawer’ icon to save the job) and not just hit the reset key (which effectively scrubs the details as if the vehicle was never there), so a reg search will bring up a list of all...
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    Definative explination.... Pull left

    Pull to the left . . . Vehicle geometry is something I take care of at work regularly. If after a geo then, as long as everything was clamped properly before alignment was altered, get onto a straight piece of motorway (ideally), and centre the steering wheel. If there is any drift (pull), then...
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    ESL dread… costs?

    First post, and it’s the ESL that bought me here! Just had my car returned from Mercedes in Taunton, Somerset, where it had been on an extended holiday. I had the ESL fail about 7 weeks ago. Had to have it transported to dealer for repair. They got a replacement ESL from Germany, plus a coding...
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