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    ML350 wanted

    On the lookout for ML350, 2012-onwards, Bluetec and hopefully with a reasonable spec and decent mileage. In no hurry so happy to wait for the right one - let me know what you have. thanks
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    7-digit postcode on S class

    Thanks for the info. I'll give you guys a call once I've made the purchase and see if we can get upgrade the firmware.
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    7-digit postcode on S class

    Quite a mixed bag! Having looked around, I'm also considering the E-class from 2010-2013 - are these likely to have 7-digit postcode availablity? thanks again
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    7-digit postcode on S class

    When did 7-digit postcodes become available on the S class? I'm on the lookout for a facelift W221 (2009-2013) and was wondering if it would be included. thanks
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    Parked car written off

    Already done that! my car happened to be parked in between houses that didn't have cameras trained on it! Just my luck..
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    Parked car written off

    I'm with Admiral. To be fair, they've been ok, they've paid out (minus the excess) but I have no idea how it will impact my renewal premium. Can't do much about that, what's happened has happened. I think I'm going to get a front and rear dashcam for my next car, it might have caught the...
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    Parked car written off

    Really annoyed - some prat drove into my car (W221 2008) and its an effective write-off (Cat N). As the cameras didn't pick up the offending vehicle (car parked down the road) and I don't have a third-party to claim from, is there anything I can do to avoid getting a huge insurance renewal...
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    I'm thinking of getting a facelift S350 - I'm impressed with the mileage. I'd be happy at real world 49mpg! Can I ask, is your car a Euro 6 vehicle? Is the car reliable and anything in particular I should look for to ensure it's a good runner? Thanks
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    WANTED: Euro 6 facelift W221 S350 LWB

    I mean Euro 6. I did a quick search on Autotrader and checked against HPI checker and 2010 Blutec's are marked as Euro 6. HPI | Euro Emission Standards, Euro 6 Diesel Emissions Standards Explained
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    WANTED: Euro 6 facelift W221 S350 LWB

    Looking for a Mercedes S350 facelift version (around late 2009-2013), must be Euro 6 (to avoid ULEZ charge). Prefer LWB with front heated memory seats and rear reclining seats. Also, rear blinds would be good. In terms of mileage, around 70k but will consider higher mileage cars if looked...
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    W221 - does it have top tether for car seat

    Looking to upgrade the car seat and we settled on one but it requires a top tether. I have a 2008 W221 - is it equipped with a top tether connection as I wasn't able to find anything on the rear seats of from the boot? thanks
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    W221 washer fluid leak

    I seem to be getting a leak in the washer fluid. Topped up on Sat last week and about 3 or 4 days later I had the "low warning" sign. Anyone know if this is a common problem and the likely source of failure. And importantly the cost of the fix?
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    W221 after-market rolling blind

    Looking for a sun screen/car shade for rear-passenger side on W221 - anyone care to recommend a decent blind. I'm after a rolling blind preferably where it shields the sunlight but is still see-through.It's for my 2-year old so prefer see through else he'll just get bored. thanks
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    iPhone bluetooth music

    Thanks everyone, I'm going to try the Aux mode and see if that does the trick. I do have a connector in the glovebox (I think its the old 30-pin iPod interface) but since I use an SD card, I've never really used anything other than the radio. However, for occasional use it would be nice to be...
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    VW indi recommendation

    Morning all Bought a VW Golf Mk5 (2005) for the missus yesterday - any one recommend a good indi in the Maidenhead and surrounding areas. Also, need to get the fabric upholstery and headlining cleaned - another recommendation would be appreciated. Thanks
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    iPhone bluetooth music

    I use my iPhone connected via bluetooth for telephone use - is it possible to play YouTube or Music from the iPhone and have it sent to the head unit? I have a 2008 W221. Thanks
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    IPhone on iPod kit?

    Is there a way to use my iphone 6 to push the song (Spotify) to the head unit? Thanks
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    Recommendations for a replacement W221 strut

    Thanks for the feedback Lyserman. No, the new price didn't include the £100 refund. That said, its nearly xmas and I just want the car fixed so not overly worried. Spoke to HIDS-DIRECT and I think the original person I spoke to may have given a wrong price - although I wish I had ordered it...
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    What to make of this wheel alignment?

    Out of interest, did you get a refund from the first alignment? I'd be a little miffed having to pay twice.
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    VIN decode

    Looking to order a front strut, looking to check if my vehicle has ABC and 4MATIC (I think not) but would appreciate a VIN decode: VIN #:WDD2210222A251772 thanks
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