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    1999 stunning red C200 for sale

    Only 60k - German spec meaning auto Air con ,different boot shape , folding in electrically mirrors, Mot till sep but will get a new 12 months it will fly through . Lovely original black interior . Too many vehicles forces sale . Taxed till end of dec drives faultless needs to be seen and driven...
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    Taxing a 1973 "historic vehicle"

    A mate of mine went to tax an ancient vehicle - Austin 8 expecting free tax disck . Post office insisted he had to pay something over £100 and wouldnt listen to protest so he duly paid and was going to get in touch to sort the problem but shortly after they contacted him asking why he had...
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    key fob

    You learn something new every day comes to mind . Thanks guys
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    key fob

    Now started using spare fob and strangely when i press unlock it only opens drivers door lock ,found that by pressing twice it then opens all locks . Is this the norm because with the fob that now appears not to work all doors unlocked with one press of fob.
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    key fob

    Dec the link you post seems rather unclear - doesnt seem to be any clear explanation.
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    key fob

    The remote i have is type B , Is there a common reason the fobs stop working ie break in circuitry . Dont fancy going to expense of getting a new fob if cost is likely to be £50 + May have to hope the other normal fob and the flatter version last the course . Thanks for responses thus far guys.
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    key fob

    Went to go out today put fob in ignition and no noise of steering lock releasing and so fob would not start car - Had to go and get spare fob and it worked ok as did the flat non battery fob . Any pointers ? i must assume its nothing to do with the fob battery or why would non battery fob work .
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    Is insurance getting cheaper?

    Mine is ludicrous due to postcode ,paid circa £550 last year for a 1999 c class just done a quick search and cheapest came in at £750 clean licence for donkeys years and full no claims for donkeys - complete joke.
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    My S202 C43 returns from a bit of TLC...

    simply stunning
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    Urgent W221 S320 CDI Engine Died - HELP PLEASE!!

    Not fit for purpose ?
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    Main dealers ... arghhh!!!!

    Gave Mercedes Whitefield Chassis/Vin and still got the wrong part.
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    Car inspections

    Check these guys out - give them a call pretty sure they will assist for a fee and they are very close to Oldham.Independent Mercedes Specialists Manchester
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    I want to build a new workshop/garage, advice/ideas requested

    Hydraulic drive-on car ramps, car rollers, mobile axle stands - Heywood, Lancashire UK A pal of mines business tell him Birdy reccomended and he may give a slight discount ,He deals with Many car clubs and has trade stands at many shows.He is a qualified quality mechanic so also understands many...
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    Heads up Lidl Car Stuff...

    I too have the almost identical Ctek RRP £40 i paid £30 in a deal buying a battery - i also just bought the Lidl variety as back up - They are quickly snapped up at many stores went to Openshaw Manchester SOLD out went to Broadway Manchester and they had a dozen but had sold out of Handy...
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    W!@$ Battery Dead, Can't open Boot?Trunk.... EMERGENCY!!!

    can you not charge / jump via cig lighter socket ? sure i have seen gadgets that have this ability
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    Heads up Lidl Car Stuff...

    Ctek Its almost an exact copy of the CTek retailing at approx £40 so a superb buy
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    Could all the W202 owners please make themselves known

    Dec 1999 Red c200 bought in Germany so has different spec than the norm ,Auto air con and different boot with odd shaped number plate recess . Just passed Mot and not yet done 60k miles .
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    Electric windows w202 c200

    well that was confusing ,tried as suggested and only drivers window came back into operation . As a last resort i got out of car and used door key to open windows and then close them again and that seemed to do the trick ,all now working .
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    Electric windows w202 c200

    is that a coded message
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    discounts via club

    You would expect the prices on website once a discount such as mbclub30 had been applied would be cheaper than a price at sales counter .
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