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    Alarm working but no lights flashing ??

    Hi, just seen this thread because today my car did the same, doors locking but no flashing lights to confirm. I checked all the doors were closed properly and they were, but I noticed the fuel filler flap was slightly open. I pushed it fully shut and hey that was the problem fixed. Three...
  2. J

    Quick question about telematics

    I have an E Class and connect my iPhone via Bluetooth, gives me audio streaming and hands free telephone including phone book access etc. Not sure what you'd gain, if anything, by connecting via cable or the cradle.
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    Interesting Mercedes-Benz Public Archive

    I found this MB site and thought others here may be interested too. Apologies if you aready know about it ;)
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    Feels like I'm home

    OK thanks for that, I'll get them to check it out.
  5. J

    Feels like I'm home

    Thanks for the welcome :) With the key removed and the steering wheel moved from side to side there is nothing, so doesn't seem to be a lock.
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    Feels like I'm home

    Hi everyone, Having had various Mercedes C and E class cars for years I had a five year dalliance with another make of car. That was good and latterly turned bad so last week I have returned to what I know and love and got a used 63 reg E220 CDI, W212 facelift I believe it's also know as. I...
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