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    E320 CDI Estate S210 TRAMSMISSION

    It's a small local garage - they had to borrow someone's cable - not sure how etched up they are ?
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    E320 CDI Estate S210 TRAMSMISSION

    Hello thanks for responding..... It's revs high but takes ages to get speed built up..... You're right about the turbo- what you've said made me think- there's no sense of the turbo kicking in or a power boost - it's no kicking down and no turbo boost. If your on a flat and patient you can...
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    E320 CDI Estate S210 TRAMSMISSION

    Hello 2001 E320 CDI Estate S210 TRAMSMISSION Can anyone shed light on what may be causing the following symptoms: The transmission does not step down - the car just gradually increases speed, so a nightmare when overtaking or when on hills. It does get up to top speed but a slow process! -...
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    Indicators problem

    yes - didn't know that - now fixed - thanks
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    Dealing with horrific authorised repairer service

    Yes, it was [email protected] - not sue if he is still around but you can easily find the daimler main board online and use this email format to correspond. Good luck.
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    Dealing with horrific authorised repairer service

    I had a recurring problem with an official dealer and had all the usual excuses from the customer managers who are highly trained to give excuses and extract customer's money. In the end I wrote to the main board of MB in Germany. Had a very polite letter back from them apologising and MB UK...
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    Indicators problem

    HELP - can't see what the problem is. Indicating Right is fine. Indicating left: it flashes twice as fast as normal and the front bulb (built into headlight) doesn't flash. Are these two problems related ? thank you car is a 2001 W210 estate:dk::wallbash::confused::doh::eek::dk:
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    2001 W210 Heated Seats

    thanks -pls see below
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    2001 W210 Heated Seats

    thanks for your reply bob6600 I've done as you've suggested; fuse 12 and 18 is ok but fuse 17 was not installed. Funny, because i haven't been in the rear fuse area for months and am sure the heated seats have worked since then. To add another element to this - the passenger seat seat...
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    2001 W210 Heated Seats

    hello - have a question The two front heated seats on my car have stopped working, however the switches that activate them still illuminate. Is there one fuse for both seats or could it be something else ? It'd be unlikely the connectors for both seats would become dislodged at the same...
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    monoblock alloys for w140

    I have a lovely set of four original MB AMG 18' mono blocks, staggered front and rear - came new with my car, low use - came from a S210 55 AMG. Looking for a good home. I'm in kenley, Surrey.
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    New S55L AMG Owner (Hopefully!!)

    Is your wife a chauffeur ?
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    rear ended, 3 weeks before lease expiry.

    5 years ago I had an m5 on a a two year lease and had to leave it at a garage for an insurance job. My insurer insisted on giving me a supercharged jaguar as replacement - I said a ford fiesta would be fine, but no, it didn't compute and with my policy I had to have the jaguar. The guy who...
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    w203 c270 cdi? issues?

    Better get a facelift model - they are almost different cars and superior
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    which light bulbs ?

    hello my 2001 eclass estate (s210) has a rear break bulb holder that needs to the two little side pins on the bulb to be at 5'oclock - the bulbs i can buy on line or at halfords are at 6'oclock and therefore will not fit. Am i missing something here ?? thanks:crazy:
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    tow bar question

    how much would i have to pay for putting a tow bar on my 2001 e-class estate - only for carrying bikes ? thanks
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    Where can you get one ?

    Hi i'm looking to find the formed carpet liner that goes in the storage compartment under the main boot deck of a 2001 Mercedes E-class S210. I was carrying oil in there, it leaked and I doubt i'll ever totally remove it. Thanks:thumb:
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    E220 V 320CDi

    I would prefer the S211E320 cdi - the engine is made for that size of car - more torque and bhp and i would like having the money in my pocket having not purchased the newer car. use some of this money to buy a good warranty from warranty direct.
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    Do salesmen think people are daft?

    last time i negotiated a near new merc, i made an appointment to see the sales manager (having already got the name of the regional sales manager) - went in at a pre-appointed time and cut through all the rubbish you get with sales floor staff. often they are not reflecting the company's...
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    Large Parasitic Draw on Battery

    take it back to the garage
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